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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Specialty vehicles

RVs, motorcycles, and trucks and trailers have very different jobs, but they all face some of the toughest challenges on the road. They must be safe, comfortable, durable, economical, and easy to maintain. That’s why specialty vehicle manufacturers rely on every component to be the best.

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At a glance


of travelers

will choose not to fly by 2025 and opt for alternative transport.1


own recreational vehicles

The total recreational vehicle market is estimated to be over $56.29 billion.2


by 2030

is the expected size of the global motorocycle sector.3

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Next-gen motorhomes

Customers seek safe, comfortable, reliable, and affordable RVs. Henkel solutions offer advantages like structural strength, moisture resistance, uniform weight distribution, flexible design, light weighting, and cost efficiencies for manufacturers.

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Interior finishing materials

Henkel adhesive and sealant solutions offer durability, aesthetics, and ease of installation to enhance the comfort and style of your RV.

Lamination adhesives

Henkel's lamination adhesives ensure secure and durable bonding in RV construction, enhancing structural integrity and longevity.

RV interiors

Henkel provides an array of structural RV interior adhesives that replace mechanical fastening. These help laminate, seal, and bond floors and interior panels in cabinets, valances, sport flooring, and door assemblies, as well as help reduce structural noise.

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Window glazing

Henkel's high-strength elastomers simplify RV windshield assembly, enhancing safety, torsional stiffness, and waterproofing.

Exterior sealing materials

For superior bond strength, we offer diverse sealant solutions, overcoming challenges in temperature changes and joint movement for specialty vehicles.

Structural bonding

Elastic bonding transforms RV assembly, offering lightweight design, cost savings, and alternatives to traditional methods.

RV exteriors

Henkel’s range of flexible and high-performance sealants withstand environmental conditions without cracking or splitting. Henkel adhesives offer durability and improved aesthetics against harsh environmental conditions.

This is an application image for rv exteriors.

LOCTITE® thread sealants prevent gas and liquid leakage, suitable for low- and high-pressure applications, forming instant, fully cured seals.

Structural bonding

Elastic bonding transforms bus assembly, offering lightweight design, cost savings, and alternatives to traditional methods.


LOCTITE® gasketing ensures a perfect seal, reducing flange face corrosion, forming a low-pressure seal on assembly, and fully curing in 24 hours.

Seam sealants

Seam sealants, preventing leaks on metals, plastics, composites, work at any transit vehicle assembly phase. Paintable and resistant options available.

Windscreen adhesives

Henkel's high-strength elastomers simplify bus windshield assembly, enhancing safety, torsional stiffness, and waterproofing.

Trucks and trailers

Work trucks and trailers need to be built to withstand rigorous usage. Henkel solutions support commercial truck, trailer, and semi-trailer design, cab and body manufacture, and medium and heavy-duty truck maintenance. With decades of experience, we offer applications that are easy to use and get the job done.

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