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Threadlocking solutions

Threadlockers lock and seal your threaded assemblies, protecting against vibration, corrosion, and galling. But depending on your need, you have to choose the right threadlocker and consider strength, form, and removability. Which one will you need? LOCTITE® makes your choice easy.
Example of application of threadlockers
LOCTITE 243 Blue Medium Strength Threadlocker in a production facility.

Find threadlockers

Our products are available in many different grades to cater to a broad array of industrial applications, from new products such as power tools to a wide range of in-plant repairs. These different threadlocker types are color-coded to help you distinguish one threadlocker type from another. Visit our e-Catalog to explore all the different types of threadlockers available.




Unitized assembly

Threadlockers fill air gaps between threads, resulting in a vibration-proof assembly.




Hours reduced

In unplanned downtime by eliminating vibrational loosening.




Of fasteners secured

With LOCTITE® threadlockers, improving the reliability of industrial equipment.

Don't let a little fastener become a big problem

We developed a threadlocking adhesive that not only eliminates vibrational loosening, it eliminates the damage that happens after. Watch what happens when a few drops of LOCTITE® threadlocker prove to be the difference between success and failure.
A visual example of Threaded Fasteners

A simple air gap causes mechanical fastener methods to fail

Mechanical locking devices (such as split ring washers, nylon insert nuts, and serrated tooth washers) play central roles in most industry. They were invented to solve the common problem of loosening that happens in most threaded assemblies. However, they don’t really “lock” the assemblies and can’t maintain clamp load. Traditional locking methods only have 15% metal-to-metal contact, leaving a sizeable air gap in the assembly. Due to this air gap, they often loosen under vibration, thermal expansion, bending, and/or improper torque.

LOCTITE® threadlockers are the answer

LOCTITE® threadlockers provide the ideal, dependable, and long-term way of ensuring threaded fasteners remain fixed and secure. Applied between two mating threads, liquid threadlocker adhesives secure nuts, bolts, and threaded fasteners in place. They cure to form a strong bond that prevents loosening, ensuring assemblies retain clamp load over time.

LOCTITE® threadlockers come in a variety of different formulations ranging in low, medium, and high strengths, temperature resistance, and primerless solutions. They come in easy-to-dispense liquids and non-running semi-solid sticks.

An example of LOCTITE Threadlocker next too a potential application.

LOCTITE® threadlockers vs.

conventional fasteners

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LOCTITE® vs. ribbed flange bolt

The bolt digs into the surface and increases clamp load but does not eliminate the gaps which LOCTITE® fills completely.

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LOCTITE® vs. spring washer

The spring action created by the washer cannot eliminate the gaps which LOCTITE® can fill completely.

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LOCTITE® vs. nut with nylon insert

A nylon insert increases resistance to loosening but does not eliminate the gaps which LOCTITE® fills completely.

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LOCTITE® vs. castellated nut with split pin

While the split pin can prevent fastener loss, it does not eliminate the gaps which LOCTITE® can fill completely.

Why choose LOCTITE® threadlocking solutions?

Lock threaded assemblies against vibrational loosening

Fills 100% of the gap between threads of nut and bolt which eliminates the root cause of vibrational loosening.

Outperform all locking devices

Better clamp load retention compared to all mechanical locking devices.

Reliable extended product life

Higher off-torque provides additional safety together with high thermal resistance.

Prevent  galling and corrosion

Protects against corrosion by forming an impenetrable layer between nut and bolt threads. Liquid film prevents friction welding or galling between nut and bolt threads.

Permit disassembly

Low and medium grades allow disassembly with standard hand tools.

Minimize inventory cost and complexity

One size fits all—applicable for a wide range of fastener sizes.


Save cost

Lower cost per unit compared to most locking devices.

High temperature resistance

Majority of LOCTITE® threadlockers resist operating temperatures up to at least 300°F with special formulations up to 650°F.

Increased machine reliability

Prevents unplanned downtime and manufacturing quality.

Choosing a LOCTITE® threadlocker

Our products are available in many different grades to cater to a broad array of applications. Choosing between a LOCTITE® red, blue, green, or purple threadlocker will depend on the specific needs of your project and the threadlocker strength you require. 

The products here do not encompass the entire LOCTITE® threadlocker portfolio. For more specialty products, contact us. Explore our LOCTITE® threadlocker products and find the one that is right for your application. 

Example of LOCTITE Threadlocker with Pro-Pump application.
Application example of medium strength threadlocker.

Medium-strength application

Medium-strength applications are those that require disassembly with standard hand tools without heat on ¼” to ¾” (6mm to 22mm) fasteners for easier service and maintenance.  The majority of threadlocker applications fall under this category. These applications are covered by LOCTITE® blue threadlocker medium strength adhesives. The products have a fast fixture time and cure fully in 24 hours on most applications. They are available in liquid and semi-solid stick forms, as well as primeless grades.

Application example of high strength threadlocker.

High-strength application

High-strength applications are those that require the highest strength possible on ¼” to ¾” (6mm to 22mm) fasteners. LOCTITE® red threadlocker high-strength adhesives cure in 24 hours on most applications, and are available in liquid and semi-solid stick forms. For removal, it may require localized heat (>550°F/260°C) and then disassembly with hand tools while still hot. A primerless grade red threadlocker is also available.

Application example of red strength threadlocker.

Low-strength application

Low-strength applications are those with fasteners less than ¼” (6mm) and require removal for service and maintenance without the use of heat for disassembly. These applications are best served by LOCTITE® purple threadlocker, also known as LOCTITE® 222MS. This low-strength threadlocker cures in 24 hours and can be used on metals such as aluminum and brass. 

LOCTITE® purple threadlocker has many uses, from carburetor screws to eyeglasses to small screws on laptops. Due to the threadlocker being low strength, it can be removed with the same tool used to put the project together. It is available in an easy-to-use liquid application.

Application example of pre-assembled threadlocker.

Pre-assembled application

For preassembled fasteners, such as electrical connectors and set screws, LOCTITE® low viscosity green threadlocker is recommended. It prevents against loosening, rust, and corrosion. This wicking grade threadlocker is categorized as a medium-to-high-strength adhesive. LOCTITE® green wicking threadlocker cures in 24 hours and can be removed with hand tools and, in rare instances, may require heat to assist when threads have excessive engagement lengths.

Bolts with pre-applied threadlocker

Pre-applied solutions

Henkel's range of LOCTITE® pre-applied threadlocker coatings replaces traditional sealants and adhesives, offering threadlocking and sealing benefits. These dry-to-touch coatings are customizable, with various strengths, temperature resistances, and colors for easy identification. They cater to high-volume automotive applications and are environmentally sustainable. The pre-applied coatings eliminate the need for additional sealants during assembly and allow for reusability. LOCTITE® Dri-Loc® and Dri-Seal® offer locking, sealing, and low-strength threadlocking, providing numerous benefits to the automotive industry, including ease of use, high temperature resistance, and chemical resistance.


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