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Pre-applied low-strength threadlocking film

As a pre-applied film, this low-strength threadlocker is dry-to-the-touch and remains an inert coating until assembly. Ideal for high volume applications, when threaded parts need to be ready for immediate use and using a liquid product may not be feasible.

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Part no. (SKU/IDH)

LOCTITE® DRI 203, 40 lb Hobbock/Pail 



In high volume applications, when using a liquid threadlocker isn’t feasible and you need threaded parts to be both ready for immediate use and easy to disassemble, turn to LOCTITE® DRI 203 ECO. This 2-part, low strength threadlocker and sealant is pre-applied and activated during assembly, curing to provide excellent resistance to vibration loosening on any threaded fastener, especially those with phosphate and oil coatings. Ideal for locking carburetor screws, transmission nuts, head bolts, truck axle bolts and tower bolts, and for sealing transmission bolts and pipe plugs and fittings.

Product category:






Dark gray

Cure type:

Anaerobic cure,Two component mix

Key characteristics:

Strength: low Strength

Number of components:

2 part

Physical form:

Film: dry film

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