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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Safety, connectivity, and sustainability

Automotive manufacturing and assembly challenges are accelerating as the industry races to transition towards net-zero emissions. At the same time, the need for greater comfort, connectivity, safety, efficiency & sustainability increases. With the vehicle body and associated components requiring advanced materials, Henkel builds trusted partnerships with our automotive manufacturing customers to provide not only high-quality, sustainable, and durable solutions, but also flexibility and efficiency within the production environment.

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At a glance


electric vehicles share of total produced vehicles (2023 vs. 2026).
Source: S&P Global Mobility, Light Vehicle Production Forecast 2023


of leading players have defined net-zero targets* for 2030.
Source: Henkel sample of 200 leading players across industries. *Scope 3


lightweight share in automotive materials by 2030.
Source: McKinsey

Explore our Automotive solutions

  • E-Mobility

  • Automotive electronics

  • Automotive interior and exterior

  • Powertrain and chassis

  • Automotive vehicle body

  • Metal processing solutions

Driving the future of mobility

In the global endeavor to reach net-zero emissions, the automotive industry is a crucial driver for achieving a true paradigm shift among consumers. Learn how Henkel`s cutting-edge technologies and innovations are enabling zero-emission mobility.

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Automotive components solutions

High-impact solutions for bonding, sealing, coating and protecting are essential across different assembly areas. Henkel`s automotive components solutions serve the disruptive trends of autonomous driving, e-mobility, lightweighting and sustainability. From thermal management solutions for batteries and electronics to debonding technologies, we’re enabling manufacturers and suppliers to embrace market transformations for safer, efficient, and zero-emission mobility.

Vehicle body solutions

Automotive manufacturing applications require a diverse set of materials that help strengthen the automotive body, while enabling efficiency gains, sustainability, weight reduction, increasing vehicle safety and corrosion protection. Henkel's automotive solutions include structural adhesives, inserts, tapes, panel reinforcements, acoustic & sealant solutions and surface treatments along the automotive value chain.

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More than just good chemistry

While net-zero initiatives are fueling EVs, consumer adoption must accelerate faster to meet net-zero goals. Advanced materials are essential in design and production, optimizing output, cost, and performance while boosting safety.


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