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Data and telecommunications

When every joule, watt, and GHz matters

In data center, broadband connectivity, and optical networks, increasing speeds need more power, escalating performance-limiting heat and cost. Henkel’s cool, advanced material innovations help dissipate heat at the component level in high performance network applications.

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5G sites need 2-3x more power and generate more heat than 4G.1



Data center cooling costs expected to rise by 2024.2



Data speeds have increased by 2x since 2014.3

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Industry solutions

In a high-speed, digitally-connected world, advanced materials help keep data centers cool, enhance cellular signals, and protect optical networks.

Our formulations source sustainable raw materials, co-engineered to your specific needs, helping to usher in next-gen technologies like 6G, 800G, and 1.6T.

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Increase thermal efficiency + network performance

Learn how you can meet and exceed demands for higher data rates, lower latency, and more reliable performance. Advanced thermal materials help dissipate heat and reduce the operational temperature in microelectronics, enabling higher processing power, higher speeds, and greater bandwidth.

Achieve cost savings

As pressure increases on profitability, customers are looking for new ways to achieve efficiency and cost savings. Learn how to reduce capital and operating expenses while increasing performance and dependability. Innovative advanced materials help optimize performance, reduce heat, and extend the life of components as they help lower power, cooling, and repair costs.

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The 2023 data center pulse report

Faster speeds require rapid innovation to manage data center operations. Your peers share trending topics as the road from 400G to 800G heats up. Read more about the most pressing topics in data centers today—including managing increasing network heat—to help your operations stay cooler and ahead of the curve.


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