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What can data center innovation do for you?

Henkel Adhesive Technologies digs into new insights about the adoption of 800G data center technology in the face of generative AI.
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2023 and 2024 have seen incredible advancements in the world of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI has entered the mainstream for professionals and hobbyists alike, and in the professional world adoption of AI requires newer, higher-bandwidth data centers.

AI, virtual reality and augmented reality create massive workloads for data centers. In fields that regularly use these technologies, these larger workloads require building a data center with bandwidth that can handle them and thermal management solutions that can prevent overheating.

1.6T by the numbers


of respondents ranked adoption of 1.6T technology as extremely important.


report struggling with introducing more power-efficient and reliable processors.


of respondents cite implementing AI trust, risk, and security management as a goal for 2024.

800G–the new data center standard

As of 2024, 800G/1.6T is the gold standard in data center technology, transmitting at 800 gbps (gigabits per second). The United States currently leads the world in 800G adoption, with 59% of companies upgrading their data centers to hardware with 800G capabilities and only 11% experiencing data center-related challenges. This is owed largely to U.S.-based companies like Meta and Google, which are pioneering AI technology. What can European companies do to get up to speed with AI and 800G adoption?

“Companies are being massively influenced by macro factors and big trends, which they need to break down into actionable efforts that will help them deliver on those strategic ambitions,”

says Henkel Adhesive Technology’s Strategy team.

Building the future of business

Future-proofing your data centers may seem overwhelming, but breaking the process down into smaller, short-term goals can help your company adapt with ease. Hardware that can withstand long-term physical demands should be the foundation for a company-wide technology transition. Solutions should focus on long-term reliability and work to prevent degradation of integrated circuits to extend module and system life. 

Man inspecting a mainframe computer in a server room

When you’re ready to make the transition and upgrade your data center hardware, keep thermal management top of mind. Ensuring your hardware stays at an optimal temperature helps your machines work smoothly, maximizing efficiency while preventing crashes and loss of important information. Henkel creates a range of thermal management and phase change materials ideal for helping data centers maintain optimal performance. 

This is the image of blue circuit board.
Pursuing 1.6T - data's new north star
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