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Baby diapers

Baby diaper materials are designed with special care. They provide high-quality, leak-proof security along with skin protection and comfort for babies around the world. Diaper construction requires secure bonding of different layers and materials to absorb wetness, provide a secure fit, and ensure comfort for babies. The baby diaper market continues to evolve as consumers seek convenience and sustainable products. From organic to compostable, manufacturers are looking for innovative options to deliver superior absorbency and reliable wetness indication for parents. Henkel’s solutions are designed to optimize manufacturing combined with sustainable options to support parents and babies everywhere.

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Estimated size of baby diaper market.



Represents the usage during a baby’s first two years.


of parents

Prioritize sensitive skin as the most important characteristic.

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Gain efficiency

Using fewer resources to achieve the same output equals more efficiency. That’s what TECHNOMELT ADVANCE is designed to do, elevating your productivity and possibilities.


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Core efficiency and integrity

The absorbent core is the inner-most layer of the diaper. It typically consists of a blend of cellulose fluff pulp and polyacrylate granules. The cellulose portion quickly absorbs to keep the baby’s skin dry. These absorbent materials in diapers are specially designed to increase absorptive capabilities while reducing overall diaper weight. As technology has improved, less and less cellulose is needed, allowing major reductions in diaper weight and volume. It also makes it easier to adhere the various layers needed for diaper construction. TECHNOMELT® adhesives are used to stabilize the diaper core, offering security in use for varying fluff/SAP ratios while increasing absorbency Our adhesives for core efficiency and integrity provide excellent wet strength, improved fluid handling, and guaranteed discretion.

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Leg and cuff elastics

Diapers vary in size and shape to ensure a custom fit for each child, preventing leaks. Manufacturers use stretch designs, including stretch side panels, to snugly fit the diaper and prevent leakage. These panels are made with Henkel's TECHNOMELT® DM stretch release adhesives, ensuring a strong, long-lasting bond between the side panel and the diaper body. Stretch release properties for these applications require adhesives that can move with the substrate. Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® DM diaper adhesives provide comfortably fitting and leakage free diapers. The adhesives for leg and cuff elastics offer excellent creep resistance, cool technology, exceptional cost-in-use, high shear strength. temperature resistance, and excellent aging stability.

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Wetness indicator

In all products, consumers are seeking ways to make their lives easier and enjoy the downtime. Using visual identifiers to know when something needs to be replaced is a timesaver. Wetness indicators are a helpful tool emerging in the market. Henkel’s technical experts understand how to incorporate these features into hygiene product designs to allow a rapid color change with a high resistance to humidity. This enables the consumer to be more efficient when changing. Henkel’s wetness indicator adhesives help make more advanced diaper’s a possibility by helping accurately show when diapers need to be changed. Our wetness indicator adhesives offer accurate wetness detection, strong hold and adhesive properties, and color change features when the diaper gets wet.

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When the diaper’s topsheet contacts the baby’s skin, it is specially designed to quickly transfer fluids to the core of the diaper while remaining soft and dry to the touch. The backsheet is the water-resistant outer layer of the diaper. It prevents liquids from passing through the diaper and leaking onto the baby’s clothing or surrounding environment. These type of diaper adhesives serve critical functions in the quality of a diaper. Our olefin adhesive systems have improved thermal stability versus rubber and excellent adhesion to the range of substrates used in diaper construction. Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® DM adhesives ensure a strong and secure seal between topsheet and backsheet, a critical process in diaper construction. They work with the coatings and enhancements to the substrates, while assuring an excellent bond strength at low coating weights. Our diaper construction adhesives offer good running properties, cooling technology, and outstanding cost in use.

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Low odor

As baby diaper have continued to evolve, consumers have sought higher-quality diapers that reduce odors associated with baby diaper materials. Innovations in diaper odor control are helping reduce the typically smells of diapers. Our diaper adhesive products have a lower density which results in lower coat weights up to 15 percent along with less odor. Henkel has developed specialized low odor acrylic adhesives that are highly suited for diaper construction. These adhesives are specially made for diaper applications and dramatically reduce the strong acrylic smells are sometimes associated with diapers. Our low-odor acrylic adhesives for diaper construction offer low-odor properties, strong hold and adhesive capabilities, and reduce overall diaper weight.


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