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Tissues and towels

Softness, strength, and absorbency are key components consumers want in their tissue and towel products. While providing a unique mix of requirements for facial tissues, napkins, bath tissue, and paper towels, manufacturers must simultaneously increase the efficiency of their production lines. Beyond performance, tissue and towel manufacturers are also concerned with optimizing their operations while keeping an eye on sustainability. Henkel’s innovative adhesives deliver high-quality tissue products with water-based and hot melt chemistries.

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Global paper towel market size.



Global facial tissue market size.


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Global bath tissue market size.

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Making tissue products better

Tissue manufacturers have unique formulas to achieve their various products–softness, fragrance, and absorbency are critical for consumer loyalty. In some cases, the various additives are diluted with the water used in the process. AQUENCE XTRA allowed tissue manufacturers to reduce these different additives. Its active ingredients are formulated to deeply penetrate the tissue fiber structure and enhance softness. Learn how the AQUENCE XTRA portfolio can improve the quality of tissue products.

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Core winding

Henkel’s adhesives used in core winding achieve the desired final quality of the core, from rigid to soft. Our product range, from dextrin-based products to polyvinyl-acetate-based adhesives, can work with any kind of paper/cardboard under different machine conditions, including high-speed manufacturing processes. Henkel’s core winding adhesives assure the toilet roll tube remains intact and lightweight. Our portfolio of core winding adhesives offer a full range available for specific technical requirements, provide fast drying for high-speed machines, assure efficient consumption, support application on any type of cardboard in the market, and comply with FDA/BfR requirements.


Henkel's laminating adhesives are tailored to meet customer needs for fast setting, smooth application, and cleanliness. Our AQUENCE® water-based adhesives cover a wide range of options, from custom solutions to ready-to-use versions, including those for TAD applications, all with an excellent price-to-performance ratio. Whether it's soft, rigid, or medium roll, toilet paper, or kitchen paper, trust Henkel for adhesives that offer full range available for specific technical requirements, fast setting time, clean machine running, good adhesion for 2 to 4 plies, optimal cost in use, and FDA/BfR conformity.

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Tissue pick-up

The different tack and structure of Henkel´s adhesives support getting the best final release as well as to benefit from any application system. Henkel‘s broad product range of tissue pick-up adhesives assures the final quality of the roll and the production process to achieve optimal consumption. The special chemical nature of Henkel adhesives produces the best machining properties as well as very clean processing. This reduces the need for cleaning and helps to decrease downtime and increase efficiency. The Henkel range includes customized products and ready-to-use solutions. Henkel tissue pick-up adhesives provide, full range available for specific technical requirements, high wet tack, excellent dry release, good cleanability, efficient consumption, and compliance with FDA/BfR requirements.

Refinery Tanks

Tail sealing

The tail sealing application is critical, as it presents the visible image of quality of the finished roll. Henkel has developed a complete product range for this application based on the technological improvements of the systems and the requirements of the market. TECHNOMELT® holt melt adhesives are the ideal fit for a range of teal sealing applications. Expect high performance on fountain, bar, gun, and nozzle systems, with a limited penetration into the sheets and an excellent release. Our tail sealing adhesives make it possible to choose the right “wet tack” for the paper in order to avoid dirt during cutting and to provide superior release. Our product line of tail sealing adhesives offers good wet tack avoiding flagging on converting line, assures excellent dry release, supports optimal cost in use, provides best quality look and feel for end user, and complies with FDA/BfR requirements.

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Tissue softener

Consumer demand for softness varies in different regions across tissue and towel applications. This means that fiber treatment softener (tissue softeners) are needed in order to produce tissues that consumers soft and comfortable . Manufacturers must do so without significant increasing costs or causing discomfort for skin. Henkel offers a variety of products to enhance the fibers to help you in the tissue softener process. Our portfolio of tissue softener solutions creates tissue softness and increases volume, supports room temperature application, dries quickly, includes selectable fragrances, is dermatologically tested, and supports end-product differentiation.


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