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Medical protective wear

Proper medical protective wear helps protect healthcare professionals and patients during medical procedures. The global pandemic brought an acute awareness of the need for reliable and readily available protective devices. These protective face masks, gloves, and gowns can prevent the spread of disease while assuring the integrity of sterile environments. The primary driver is quality – these healthcare products need strong bonds to assure strength and security. Henkel’s solutions are focused on protecting both patients and health care workers. These products offer quality and continue to evolve to meeting changing demands in the industry.

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increase in PPE costs per patient

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Medical face masks

Demand for medical protective wear has increased exponentially in recent years as the importance for protection against infection and reduction in the spread of disease. Medical face masks are designed to protect others from infective agents from the nose and mouth while speaking, breathing, or coughing. The adhesive materials for this type of personal protective equipment are used for the lamination of layers and elastic strap fixation. Medical face masks typically have 3-4 layers to meet medical protective wear standards and the personal protective equipment materials used for each layer are manufactured using nonwoven fabrics to provide adequate protection.

Henkel's hygiene adhesives meet strict safety standards in ISO 9001-certified facilities, ensuring reliable, high-quality performance for medical protective wear, suitable for both experts and newcomers in the field.

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Respiratory protective devices

Respiratory protective devices protect the user against particles and aerosols. They may or may not have a valve. The adhesives are used for the lamination of layers and elastic strap fixation. In order to create a respirator that meets the requirements of personal protective equipment, materials made with TECHNOMELT® technology are used to make a nonwoven material that are then layered and molded into the required shape. These respiratory protective devices offer higher filtration abilities than other personal protection equipment materials.

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Isolation gowns and surgical draping

Protective apparel used to protect health care workers and patients from the transfer of microorganisms and body fluids. The adhesives are used for the lamination of layers and for the adhesive stripes in skin contact. Durability is key when it comes to surgical drapes materials. The materials used need to be extremely strong and flexible while also being highly absorbent and impervious to fluids. This is achieved by using high quality adhesives to laminate nonwoven materials. Henkel’s range of TECHNOMELT® adhesives products offer reliable and effective results that are trusted by the experts to keep both healthcare providers and patients safe and protected.


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