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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Feminine care

Manufacturers of feminine care products must meet stringent regulatory requirements. This coupled with a greater understanding of menstrual health is driving change in the market. Women are seeking products focused on quality, absorbency and purity. Henkel offers a range of solutions for key applications such as positioning, core stability, and sanitary production construction. At Henkel, we realize menstrual hygiene materials must meet ever increasing demands for high absorptive properties, strong core strength, and flexibility.

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Menstrual products used in a lifetime.


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Would pay more for personal care products in sustainable packaging.


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This was the leading disposable feminine care product used.

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Gain efficiency

Using fewer resources to achieve the same output equals more efficiency. That’s what TECHNOMELT ADVANCE is designed to do, elevating your productivity and possibilities.



The various layers within a sanitary napkin’s construction require maintaining position and no bunching within the layers. Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® sanitary napkin construction adhesives are applied in a very efficient and sustainable way. Our menstrual hygiene materials provide a good adhesion ratio and reduce production flaws caused by material movement. Our adhesives are designed for top and backsheet construction, top and bottom tissue, acquisition distribution layer, and Air Laid/SAP paper.


Henkel developed adhesives specifically for positioning that keep sanitary pads where they are supposed to stay. Our TECHNOMELT® adhesives are used on sanitary napkin wings (side flaps) and the backsheet. These advanced sanitary napkin materials for positioning are specially designed for feminine care products to support both comfort and security to the consumer. TECHNOMELT® products provide high tack and good breathability to assure a secure fit for wing application and release paper application.


Critical to construction of the sanitary napkins is a stable and absorptive core. This keeps the integrity of the product and allows it to stay securely in place. Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® core adhesives are used to stabilize the napkin core. They provide excellent wet-strength, improved fluid handling and guaranteed discretion. Our sanitary napkin materials assure good wear for an active lifestyle for core efficiency and integrity.


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