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Adhesives for sustainable hygiene products

Different adhesive solutions can help replace or reduce plastic, enable paper-based packaging, or reduce energy consumption.
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Safety has always been a key topic in the personal hygiene sector. But consumers are no longer satisfied with products that are only safe for them - they want products that are safe for the environment, too. Sustainability is a global trend and movement that is also becoming increasingly important in personal care.

Whether baby diapersfeminine care or adult incontinence products, consumers all over the world consider sustainability in their products - from production processes and material chioces to sustainable packaging design and end-of-life scenarios:

  • 53% of consumers focus on low carbon footprint when selecting a brand*
  • 79% consumers choose to purchase products based on their “environmental friendliness”*
  • 72% of consumers would pay more for personal care products in sustainable packaging*
  • 60% consumers regularly look to minimize household waste*

Your consumers want sustainable hygiene products that meet their needs. Use this as opportunity to strengthen your brand and grow your market share.

*Source: J. Walter Thompson Intelligence: The New Sustainability: Regeneration 2018

Sustainable hygiene solutions enabled by adhesives offer new business potential

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Various aspects along the value chain offering potential for sustainable hygiene products

There are countless ways to improve the sustainability of your personal hygiene products by using the right adhesives. From more sustainable production processes thanks to optimization and reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, to a more effective use of resources to minimize waste generation as well as using bio-based materials as part of the formula.

All of above is possible with our high performing range of TECHNOMELT hotmelt adhesives

Our adhesives enable a more sustainable material selection by efficiently bonding diverse bio-based materials such as cotton, cellulose or bamboo, or recycled materials. In general, the more diverse substrates being used, the more demanding the requirements on the bonding mechanism between the materials.

Adhesives are a key enabler in realizing this bonding in sustainable hygiene, making the properties of all other materials function together. We understand this challenge and have the expertise to support you in defining the right solution for your particular need.

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Even if the hygiene industry does not have a sustainable end-of-life-scenario on an industrial scale available yet - we are getting closer and closer by cooperation and innovation, through industrial composting or recycling. We are developing projects into this direction – please reach out if you are interested to hear more. 

Sustainable packaging solutions is another key area for potential improvement. As we all know, the first impression consumers get of a product is normally via its packaging. But did you already know, that 72% of consumers would pay more for personal care products in sustainable packaging

There are different options how our adhesive solutions can help to replace or reduce plastic, enable paper-based packaging or reduce your energy consumption – with low-temperature hot melts to close cardboard boxes.

Using fewer resources to achieve the same output equals more efficiency. That’s what TECHNOMELT ADVANCE is designed to do, elevating your productivity and possibilities.