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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Sustainable bio-based adhesives

Bio-based adhesives increase the usage of sustainable materials in products. Henkel’s recent Innovation, TECHNOMELT DM ECO, offers 70% bio-based content for maximum performance and purity.
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Hygiene Products Improve our Customers’ Lives, but we Cannot Ignore their Footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint of nonwoven products is the challenge for the hygiene industry. For example, disposable diapers are typically made from a combination of fossil-based materials, including plastic, which is derived from petroleum, and wood pulp, which is processed using fossil fuels. This is why we need to act now. And minimize our dependence on fossil-based materials.

Technomelt DM ECO enables hygiene manufacturers to achieve their sustainability goals while meeting the highest regulatory and end-user requirements.

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Average baby diaper consumption in their first year

20 billion

Disposable diapers are discarded in landfills in the United States

3.7 million tons

Of waste each year is produced by disposable diapers in the United States

Technomelt DM ECO: Here, Sustainability is not just a Buzzword

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Technomelt DM ECO allows you to verifiably reach your sustainability goals while meeting the highest regulatory and end-user requirements.

The implementation of new, more sustainable materials in the hygiene industry often requires changes to the production process, which can be challenging. Technomelt DM ECO enables the seamless integration into your production process.

But it’s not just about processes - ultimately, it's about people. Because we touch their lives every day with our products.

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  • Measurably made from sustainable materials
  • Up to 50% Carbon reduction (using a cradle-to-gate LCA incl. biogenic carbon uptake)


  • High compatibility with standard & bio-based substrates
  • Enables sustainable product design
  • Little need to change processes
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  • Made from skin safe raw materials (no rosin ester)
  • Skin safety assessments available