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Bio-based materials in sustainable hygiene products


As the aging population enjoys longer lifespans and embraces more active lifestyles, the demand for adult incontinence products has surged. These products now require enhanced fit, function, and security to accommodate the active lifestyle of baby boomers, ensuring they remain comfortable during longer wear times. To address sustainability concerns associated with material end-of-life, Henkel collaborates with manufacturers to offer bio-based alternatives and improve operational efficiency, while maintaining innovation as a top priority to meet consumer needs. Our customers can trust Henkel for secure, functional, and sustainable solutions.

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At a glance


60+ by 2050

The percentage of the population that will be 60+ years old by 2050.

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The adult incontinence market doubled in size over the last decade.


CAGR 2023 to 2028

Adult incontinence products are the fastest-growing personal hygiene segment.

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Smart adult care

There are theoretically endless possibilities for the use of sustainable materials. The most important materials in this context are bio-based materials, recycled materials and biodegradable materials.

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Diaper construction

A strong and secure seal between the top sheet and back sheet is critical for proper diaper construction. TECHNOMELT® DM adhesives work with the substrate coatings and enhancements to provide excellent bond strength at low coating weights.​

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Core efficiency and integrity

To stabilize the diaper core, TECHNOMELT® adhesives are used, offering secure use for varying fluff/SAP ratios while increasing absorbency. This improves the length of wear and discretion for active adults.​

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Tab attachment

The superior shear strength of TECHNOMELT DM is critical to fastening components in tab attachment applications to assure they stay secure with adult movement.​

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Leg/cuff elastics

The shear strength of TECHNOMELT® DM adhesives is critical for strand attachment, keeping the fit around the wearer’s legs and prevent leakage. Better adhesion of the elastic strands increases comfort for the wearer.