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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Personal hygiene

Designed for care and comfort

Personal hygiene products are designed for care and comfort. Applications such as baby diapers, feminine care, adult incontinence, medical protective wear, and tissue and towel applications should be absorbent, soft and support sustainability goals. Henkel innovations improve absorbency, ensure a proper fit and offer wetness indicators and smart health products. Every day, Henkel personal hygiene solutions touch people’s lives in communities around the world.

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Choose products based on environmental friendliness.
*Source: J. Walter Thompson Intelligence: The New Sustainability: Regeneration 2018


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CAGR 2023 to 2028

Adult incontinence products are the fastest-growing personal hygiene segment.

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Sustainability is increasingly important for personal hygiene products, such as baby diapers, feminine care, and adult incontinence items. Sustainability encompasses material selection, efficient processes, packaging, and disposal. Adhesives enable the efficient bonding of diverse materials, including bio-based options like cotton, cellulose, or bamboo, as well as recycled materials to advance sustainability goals.

Population Shift

With global increases in the aging population, combined with decreased birth rates, consumers need adhesive technologies for comfortable, convenient and discreet adult incontinence solutions now, and for the future. Henkel’s adhesives solutions are designed to meet adult incontinence products’ unique needs.

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Consumer Priorities

Whether consumers are motivated by cost, function or feel, private labels and premium brands are growing to meet their demands.  Henkel’s proven portfolio of products are designed for every phase of diaper construction and ensure the highest quality products possible.


Fast-moving consumer goods depend on hot melt adhesives to keep their high-speed production lines running smoothly. The real challenge is ensuring a steady flow of adhesive throughout the manufacturing process. Personal hygiene product construction is no easy task, involving a wide range of substrates, from nonwoven materials to plastic barriers, making it a complex puzzle to solve. Enter Henkel's Easyflow – a hot melt adhesive formula that redefines the industry's standards for performance and efficiency. With features like on-demand melting, seamless system integration, and automatic feeding, it's the key to enhancing your production efficiency.


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