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Power supplies

Developers of today’s energy systems are challenged to get power where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and in the most cost-effective and sustainable way. Power supplies must deliver higher power densities with high reliability and low cost of ownership. Because the dependability of power supplies and converters is often mission-critical, optimized performance is essential.

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At a glance


in 2030

Estimated size of the global power supply market.1



Of the power supply market is in the fastest growing 4,000V and higher segment.2


leads growth

Global market growth is dominated by AC/DC power supply.3

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Reliable, sustainable energy on-demand

As critical components of any electronic system, power supplies/converters are essential, and their dependability is often mission-critical. As part of a holistic design strategy, Henkel’s thermal management solutions, protective materials and structural adhesives are helping power supply specialists meet demanding criteria.

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Conformal coating

LOCTITE® conformal coating materials safeguard printed circuit boards and sensitive components against harsh environments, ensuring reliable, long-term operation and high-throughput, environmentally-responsible manufacturing.

Thermal interface material

Henkel’s BERGQUIST® thermal interface materials allow power supply designers to increase power density by providing high thermal conductivity, safety agency recognized insulation between high power devices and heat sinks.


Henkel’s industry leading portfolio of assembly adhesives provides power supply manufacturers with a variety of reliable solutions to hold large and heavy components in place through processing, meet demanding application requirements, and reduce total overall cost.

AC/DC power supplies

AC/DC power supplies convert AC transmission to DC voltage for end-use applications are using high-performance electronic materials for improved design and capability. Thermal management adhesives enable these electronic systems to be smaller, more portable, increasingly powerful, and highly reliable.

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Gasketing sealant solutions to ensure intact and leak-free seals and resistance to high temperatures, pressure, and vibrations. Perform under extreme conditions whether it be high pressure or high temperature applications.


Threadlockers, as the name implies, are designed for locking and sealing threaded fasteners and are ideal for assembling module housing or attach components to PCBs.

Thermal interface material

BERGQUIST® brand thermal gap filling products are a proven solution to help power components run cooler and more reliably in DC/DC power conversion applications. Available in liquid and pad formats, they can be automated for high throughput operations.

Conformal coating

Conformal coatings help ensure that DC/DC converters can operate reliably regardless of environmental exposure. Low- and no- VOC products in a wide variety of chemistries ensure allow environmental responsible manufacturing.

DC/DC converters

DC/DC power supplies are critical power devices for modern electronic functionality. They convert DC transmission voltages to DC voltage for end-use applications, including battery backup systems. Material solutions enhance electrical interconnects to PCB, protect components, dissipate heat, and bond components to external housing.

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LOCTITE® adhesives help keep large and/or heavy components in place, providing processing stability and extending the UPS lifetime while ensuring that designed insulation distances are maintained.

Thermal interface material

SIL PAD®, HI-FLOW® and GAP PAD® solutions from Henkel are trusted by to power supply manufacturers as the most reliable solutions to increase power density of UPS’s. They provide excellent thermal performance and long- term electrical insulation.

Conformal coatings

LOCTITE® conformal coating materials safeguard UPS assemblies against harsh environments, reliable, long-term operation.


Gasketing sealant solutions to ensure intact and leak-free seals and resistance to high temperatures, pressure, and vibrations. Perform under extreme conditions whether it be high pressure or high temperature applications.

Uninterruple power supplies (UPS)

UPS provide clean, consistent power to protect essential equipment and keep it running during power supply distruptions.  Henkel materials allow UPS designers to save valuable server room space by enabling higher power in smaller rack spaces via thermal management and better protection via encapsulation.


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