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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Productivity, reliability, and sustainability

The growing global population coupled with increasing electrification is creating unprecedented demands on power generation, storage, and delivery. Harnessing innovation with renewable energy adhesives reduces complexity, raises efficiency, and provides more reliable energy, making component performance vital to higher power densities at a low cost of ownership.

Electric car charging with wind turbines and solar panel.

At a glance


of world’s energy

Will come from renewables by 2025.1



Spending on wind, solar, EVs and batteries in 2023.2


global growth in solar

During 2022 while wind grew 13.5% and global electricity grew 2.3%.3

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  • Alternative energy conversion and storage

  • EV charging infrastructure

  • Power supplies

  • Solar

  • Wind

More power, more reliably

Component-level innovative materials are necessary to meet the rising worldwide demand for traditional and alternative energy power within increasingly complex electronic designs. Learn more about material innovations that advance thermal management and protection to provide electrical interconnect integrity and extend in-service lifetimes.

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Increasing reliability and resiliency

On-demand performance and long-term reliability are minimum expectations for next-generation power systems, while cost-effectiveness and process efficiency remain central manufacturing ambitions. Henkel’s state-of-the-art formulations provide thermal management in power electronics to control heat, protect electronics, safeguard devices from extreme environments and stress, and enable continuous, reliable operation.

Advancing sustainability

By combining alternative and traditional sources of energy, innovators are addressing the demands of unprecedented power consumption in more sustainable and efficient ways. The goal to provide cleaner energy while balancing the requirement for uninterrupted access to power is driving efforts for novel device designs, the use of renewable energy adhesives, new semiconductor materials, and new system architectures to efficiently capture and convert electrical energy into power.

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