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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Solar energy provides a growing and viable alternative to conventional power sources. Harnessing solar power requires innovative, enabling materials like solar panel adhesives and sealants to craft a solar architecture with improved system performance, reliability, extended component lifetimes, and warranties, all delivered at a lower cost per watt.

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At a glance

90% +


Solar panel materials can be recycled and reused.1


in power capacity

Solar is forecasted to surpass natural gas and coal by 2027.2


by 2050

Renewable power expected to be 85% of the power mix.3

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Advancing the future of solar energy

Solar energy relies on solar panels that deliver high performance in challenging environmental conditions. Henkel is facilitating the manufacture of next-generation solar technologies at the lowest delivered cost to advance solar energy possibilities.

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Electrically conductive adhesives

LOCTITE® electrically conductive adhesives (ECA) deliver the lowest production costs and, thus, best in class levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) by leveraging our vast experience in high volume and low cost ECA design, global manufacturing footprint, product quality and performance.

Solar panels

Solar panels are the foundation of an effective solar architecture. Conductive and non-conductive adhesives, sealants deliver high performance while cost-effectively meeting specific customer requirements.


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