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Alternative energy conversion and storage: solar energies potential

Unlocking solar energy's potential: from power conversion to sustainability. Join us in this podcast as we delve into the crucial role of power conversion, energy storage, and sustainable materials in shaping the future of solar energy.

Justin Kolbe
Director of Market Strategy for Power and Industrial Automation

19 min.

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Access to affordable and sustainable energy is crucial for human development. While developed countries optimize energy grids, many regions lack accessible sources. Solar power, tapping into the sun's resources, provides scalable options for homes and businesses. Efficient DC to AC power conversion and reliable energy storage are vital for maximizing solar potential. This podcast delves into power conversion tech, storage reliability, and sustainability in solar energy. Material science advances, like innovative formulations and sustainable practices, are key to enhancing durability and recyclability in solar systems for an eco-friendly future.

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Justin Kolbe
Director of Market Strategy for Power and Industrial Automation
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Justin Kolbe currently serves as Henkel’s Director of Market Strategy for Power and Industrial Automation within the company’s Adhesive Technology business unit, where he is focused on setting broad strategic guidance and market insights.

In 1996, Kolbe joined The Bergquist Company (acquired by Henkel in 2014) as a Process Engineer and has since worked in various capacities including process development, applications engineering, R&D and marketing. A chemical engineer by training, he has extensive experience in thermal management solutions and electronic materials development and processing.  With an impressive professional track record and a long history of providing reliable solutions for customers in multiple markets including power conversion, automotive, industrial automation and power electronics, Kolbe is passionate about ensuring Henkel materials not only deliver on performance, but also on cost and sustainability objectives.

Based in Henkel’s Chanhassen, MN facility, Kolbe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

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