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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Electrically conductive adhesives


High strength, electrically conductive adhesive for a controlled bondline

This electrically conductive adhesive works well for high throughput die attach applications. Expect high accuracy and a controlled bondline.

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For continuous high resistance to delamination and popcorning, choose LOCTITE® ABLESTIK QMI529HT-2A1. This high strength, hybrid technology, electrically conductive die attach adhesive is hydrophobic, and ideal for high accuracy applications with consistent bondline thickness for superior functionality.

This product and its use may be covered by patent 5,716,034 and by one or more pending patent applications.


Die attach

Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE):

53.0 ppm/°C

Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), Above Tg:

156.0 ppm/°C

Cure type:

Heat cure

Glass transition temperature (Tg):

3.0 °C

Thermal conductivity:

6.0 W/mK

Thixotropic index:



185000.0 mPa·s (cP)

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