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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Industrial manufacturing

Manufacturing is the orchestration of innovation

More progressive technologies in the manufacturing sector are accelerating Industry 4.0, AI, and robotics, and increasing the use of electronics and sensors. That elevates the role of advanced materials to help improve efficiencies, performance, and reliability in assembly, manufacture, and end-use.

Man using a digital tablet at manufacturing plant

At a glance


CAGR 2022-2026

Expected growth rate of Industry 4.0.


of electronic failures

Are due to high temperatures.

$41.1 B

by 2030

Forecasted market size of industrial sensor market.

Explore our industrial manufacturing solutions

  • Home appliances

  • Filtration

  • Heavy equipment

  • 3D printing

Smart factories need reliable energy

Smart factories improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and optimize labor and sustainability. But, intelligent factories depend on energy management and uninterrupted power from high-performing, reliable electronics. Advanced materials at the component level help enhance reliability and increase performance. Learn how here.

This is an image of a robotic smart factory arm
This is an image of a worker in a Henkel facility

Maximize efficiency

As Industry 4.0 moves mainstream, new configurations, footprints, and electronics are required. In turn, this makes the need for high reliability and improved efficiencies paramount. Bonding, thermal management, and protection solutions can streamline assembly processes, ushering in the next generation of manufacturing excellence and delivering superior end-use performance.

Enhance reliability

Manufacturing reliability requires rugged componentry—resistant to environmental factors like dust and moisture, and operational factors like heat, vibration, and pressure. Component thermal management and strong structural integrity ensure robust operation. Henkel advanced materials offer protection, thermal management, and bonding solutions.

This is a robotic arm on a production line of a car