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Are R&D managers the key to driving sustainable impact?

Explore the podcast as Yassine Chino reveals the keys to transformative sustainable design. Uncover the keys to innovation and R&D impact.

Yassine Chinbo
Key Account Manager

9 min.

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In today's era of heightened sustainability awareness, progressive organizations recognize sustainable product design as a transformative strategy, not just a trend. Research emphasizes that a product's environmental impacts are largely determined during the initial design phase, underscoring the pivotal role of R&D managers. To successfully navigate sustainable design complexities, companies need a culture fostering creative thinking, challenging conventions, and embracing holistic product development. In an insightful podcast, expert Yassine Chino explores key principles and steps for unlocking sustainable design, emphasizing the crucial role R&D managers play in this transformative endeavor.

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Yassine Chinbo
Key Account Manager
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Yassine Chinbo joined Henkel in 2019 and currently serves as Henkel’s Key Account Manager for Power Conversion & Industrial Automation segment within the company’s Adhesive Technology business unit. With over 15 years of experience in smart infrastructure, industrial automation, robotics, and power conversion industry, he has worked in various roles in business development, sales, and key account management.

Passionate about collaborating closely with customers, Yassine thrives on helping them build new applications to meet future market needs. He is an enthusiastic provider of innovative solutions and services, enabling customers to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

Based in Germany, Yassine holds a bachelor’s in engineering from, and a master’s degree in Industrial Management from the University of Lorraine, France.

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