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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


In water, air, and other fluid systems, industrial adhesives are required to separate the feed from the filtrate. Henkel systems and technology maximize the efficiency of this separation and improve filter performance for spiral wound elements, hollow fiber modules, carbon block filters, and pleated filters.

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At a glance

> 50%

reduction in wasted energy

As measured by pressure drop reduction in a spiral wound element.


in 2033

Value of the global industrial air filtration market.



A safer, faster, and customizable alternative for hollow fiber filters.

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>50% reduction in wasted energy

Global demand for fresh water is outpacing supply, mandating innovative filtration solutions that are more cost-effective and energy-efficient. In fact, there is no shortage of water on the planet – witness the Pacific Ocean. The challenge is having the water in the right condition, in the right location. That’s an energy challenge Henkel is making an impact.  With breakthrough direct-printed spacer technology that produces a filter element capable of reducing wasted energy by more than 50%.

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    Air and mechanical fluid filtration solutions

    Filter manufacturers face daily challenges – reducing costs, improving efficiency, and staying ahead of the competition, to name just a few.


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Air filtration

Air filters must consistently produce clean air while operating in harsh conditions. Air filter adhesive solutions from Henkel are built to withstand high temperatures and chemical exposure and cover bonding, edge sealing, and pleating treatments that meet many different end-use requirements.

This is an showing hollow fiber potting

Fluid filtration

Beyond water filtration, efficient industrial adhesive solutions are essential in several other areas such as food and beverage, mechanical fluids, and medical applications. Fluid filters must meet specific industry requirements across a variety of conditions, from hot oil or solvent resistance to stringent healthcare needs in dialysis and other uses.

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Water filtration

Henkel is committed to research and investment that helps to address the increasing global challenge of water scarcity. Innovative technologies are disrupting the industry with solutions that deliver more water production efficiency with less energy and longer-lasting filter systems.

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Printed feed spacers

Printed feed spacers for membrane filtration are revolutionizing reverse osmosis, a foremost method in water treatment. Replacing conventional mesh feed spacers with printed feed spacers improves water flow and reduces energy consumption, all while reducing fouling and scaling in the element.

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