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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Lightweight construction of a multipurpose vehicle cabin

This case study demonstrates how Henkel and Walter Mauser GmbH used structural adhesive bonding to redesign and construct a lighter yet safe multipurpose vehicle cabin. By substituting welded joints with high-strength adhesive, they significantly reduced weight while still meeting safety standards.
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Customer challenges

Walter Mauser GmbH was tasked with significantly reducing the weight of a multipurpose vehicle cabin without compromising safety. Specifically, the customer required:

  • 50% reduction in cabin weight
  • Maintenance of crash safety standards, including passing ROPS testing
  • Accommodating production processes like e-coating and cleaning baths

This presented a major challenge, as traditional welded steel cabins would not allow such drastic weight reductions while providing the required strength and safety.

Henkel solution

  • Worked closely with Walter Mauser GmbH to select Teroson EP 5089, a one component heat-curing structural adhesive.
  • Provided design guidelines and recommendations for adapting the cabin frame for bonding.
  • Supported assembly of the structure and curing of the adhesive using the customer's production processes.


  • The redesigned, bonded cabin frame passed the ROPS safety test successfully.
  • Finite element analysis correlated well with physical testing of the structure.
  • Weight reduction goal achieved while maintaining mechanical performance.

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