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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Respect the planet, rethink design and processes

Sustainability for heavy equipment

To respect the planet today is crucial. It’s our responsibility to shape a viable future for our generations to come. We recognize the importance of strong collaboration to drive sustainable change. By leveraging our material know-how and fostering partnerships with heavy equipment manufacturers, we strive to rethink and reevaluate design and processes that generate strong performance and long-lasting value for you and the planet.

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Leading by example and through technology

We are driving sustainable impact by optimizing our own footprint and using sustainable raw materials, while also driving continuous improvement in our production and logistics activities.​

We provide innovative solutions that enable our customers to boost their contribution to sustainability for the climate, circularity, safety and nature.

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Climate: Achieve more with less

We contribute to climate by:

  • Enabling lightweighting, replacing welded joints with bonding to reduce material consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Providing thermal management solutions for heavy equipment electrification that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reducing energy use with room temperature curing gasket sealants and UV curing materials.
  • Decreasing energy consumption with low temperature cleaners and metal conversion coatings with reduced process steps.

Circularity: Close the loop

We contribute to circularity by:

  • Offering Adhesion Promoter/No-Rinse dosing equipment for precise application control that reduces waste, wastewater and sludge formation.
  • Promoting reuse, repair and recycle solutions and actively exploring debonding solutions that enable rework ability.
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Safety: Protect what is precious

We are committed to:

  • Proactively addressing substances under discussion by promoting and developing alternatives, and optimizing product safety.
  • Our solutions include Solvent-free, Tin-free adhesive sealant, CMR-free structural bonders and instant component bonder, Label-free threadlocking and threadsealing, and Non-Chrome Metal Cleaner Coaters and Conversion Coatings.

Nature: Make every drop count

We enable sustainable impact for nature by:

  • Reducing water consumption and recycling wastewater throughout our customers‘ metal pretreatment processes.
  • Providing phosphate-free solutions.
  • Our solutions include low temperature thin film metal cleaner coater, thin film metal cleaner coater, five-step thin film conversion coater, thin film conversion coater for E-coat and steel and multi-metal conversion coating.
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