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How thermal management is driving heavy equipment sustainability

Learn how LOCTITE® and Bergquist® materials optimize thermal management and drive heavy equipment sustainability in electrical components, from batteries, inverters, converters and chargers to electronics for intelligent vehicle management.

Victoria Cardine
Market Segment Manager for RV, Specialty Vehicles & Heavy Equipment

5 min.
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Electrical power and electronics are key to our sustainable future, from electric vehicles (EVs) run by renewables-powered batteries to intelligent electronics that can optimize efficiency and minimize the environmental footprint of any machine.

The heavy equipment sector is no exception. Electrical and electronic components are at the heart of the efficient, zero-emission technologies that are driving the sector towards meeting its net zero goals.

A 2023 CAP Gemini article highlights how heavy equipment OEMs need to embrace a holistic approach to sustainability, and electrical technologies play a key part in this.

To fulfil their sustainability potential, electric technologies need to be cost-effective, efficient, reliable and durable, to make them economically attractive and to minimize their own direct environmental impact.

Effective thermal management is vital. Managing the heat created by electrical processes is key to prolonging component life and maximizing efficiency and reliability.

Here, we explore how Henkel’s market-leading thermal management solutions and innovative, collaborative approach are driving sustainability in the heavy equipment sector.

Why thermal management is key to heavy equipment sustainability

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Effective management of the heat generated by an electrical component such as a battery or a circuit board is essential to ensure safe, reliable operation, increase life and minimize environmental footprint.

Continual demand to make electrical components smaller, lighter and more powerful drives the need for ever more effective thermal management solutions. A 2021 blog from NCAB Group and a 2019 piece in Automotive World demonstrate thermal management’s growing importance to the electronics and automotive sectors.

Heavy equipment design and manufacturing needs to take full advantage of advances in thermal management to maximize sustainability.

Henkel thermal management solutions can help drive heavy equipment sustainability

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Henkel’s LOCTITE® and Bergquist® thermal management portfolio delivers solutions to optimize thermal management and drive sustainability in the electrical components that are vital for heavy equipment, from the batteries, inverters, converters and chargers needed for power, to electronics for intelligent vehicle management.

The portfolio offers a comprehensive thermal management toolset for heavy equipment OEMs that includes:

  • Thermally conductive and electrically isolating tapes, available in pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) or laminating format, provide for the decoupling of bonded materials with mismatched thermal coefficients of expansion.
  • Thermal adhesive films for bonding large areas or complex parts where liquid-based mediums can be problematic. Films deliver uniform, void-free bond lines and controlled thicknesses, offering a clean, waste-free, easily processed solution with a low total cost of ownership in thermally and electrically-conductive formulas.
  • Heat-cure or room-temperature cure liquid adhesives that provide robust mechanical attachment, allowing for the elimination of fasteners such as screws and clips, reducing device size and weight and offering an ideal solution for coupling ‘hot’ electronic components with an adjacent heat sink or metal case.
  • A range of thermally conductive insulators tried and tested as market leaders over 35 years, continue to offer a clean and efficient alternative to mica, ceramics, or grease for a wide range of electronic applications.
  • Henkel GAP PAD® thermal interface products provide an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices where uneven surface topography, air gaps and rough surface textures are present.
  • Phase-change materials that deliver on-demand performance with none of the drawbacks of traditional greases. These materials are solid at room temperature but melt and flow during device operation to provide a thin bond line and high reliability without the pump-out often experienced with some thermal greases.
  • Henkel has several RoHS-compliant grease formulations for high-thermal performance applications where minimal bond line thickness is essential. They offer immediate functionality upon application and can compensate for voids easily. They include high-performance, high-temperature reliability, silicone-free and water-cleanable formulas.

Find out more about Henkel's thermal management portfolio here.

How Henkel innovation and collaboration are enabling sustainability

Henkel’s thermal management solution portfolio is backed up by over 140 years of Henkel expertise and an ongoing commitment to the continual, customer-driven innovation and collaboration that has always been at the heart of how Henkel does business.

This commitment is demonstrated by our wider investment in resources and expertise to enable E-Mobility innovation. Henkel’s Battery Engineering Center, located in Dusseldorf, Germany, is our global innovation hub for E-Mobility applications, home to a team of battery system experts who research and develop future-oriented innovative E-Mobility solutions in collaboration with OEMs and battery manufacturers. You can discover more about Henkel’s commitment to E-Mobility.


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