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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Maximum efficiency, minimum space

Get maximum efficiency and minimum space with the APNR system from BONDERITE®.
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There’s incredible potential to boost efficiency by installing digital devices and specialty systems – without the need to transform your application process. Equipment from BONDERITE® can be easily integrated into existing lines. APNR is a great example. It is a drop-in-place system for applying coatings to metal, and it upgrades corrosion protection and paint adhesion without the need for a rinse. It can be installed in tight spaces. It’s ideal for small lines. And its flexibility and adaptability can meet a huge range of different needs.

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Adhesion promoter, no rinse

APNR stands for Adhesion Promoter, No Rinse. It is a mist applicator for solutions containing an adhesion promoter or conversion coating. Importantly, APNR does not require any rinse. It deposits the coating on parts at the end of the pretreatment process, and is easy to install and use in existing application lines – with a minimum level of investment.

The drop-in-place misting equipment is uniquely suitable for small spaces and is ideal for small lines that involve three or four steps. It improves the level of paint adhesion and corrosion performance because there is no requirement for bath monitoring, so the chemistry is always fresh when the APNR nozzles mist it onto the parts.

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Save costs and boost sustainability

Installing APNR empowers manufacturers to begin using next-generation coatings. These innovative solutions offer a more environmentally-compatible alternative to traditional technologies based on iron-phosphate. Switching to next-generation coatings can eliminate Chromium-6, phosphates and toxic heavy metals from the pretreatment process.

APNR also works at room temperature, which saves energy and reduces the related emissions. It provides valuable flexibility because APNR is suitable for a wide range of processes and applications, including mixed-metal parts. And it is available in two models: APNR Standard Panel and APNR LM Panel dedicated for Light Metal Finish customers.

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Our message

Companies from across the global metals industry are now using process control equipment from BONDERITE® to improve performance and quality – while supporting sustainability too. These technologies were also used to create our BONDERITE® Chair, which is at the heart of our “BONDERITE® goes around the world” program.

Customers from a wide range of industries are sitting in this chair and telling first-hand stories about using our innovations to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability. Experts from Henkel will also feature in interviews to provide deep insights into our technologies.

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    The BONDERITE® journey begins

    Through a special chair's journey, Henkels shares the story of our surface treatments, aiming to inspire industry enthusiasts globally.

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