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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Industrial maintenance and repair

When prevention is profitable

Downtime can cost your operations thousands of dollars each hour. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) with proactive servicing and maintenance helps identify—and prevent—issues in advance while planning repairs around your schedule. This reduces maintenance costs, optimizes operations, and mitigates unplanned downtime.


At a glance

$1 Tn

Downtime costs

By world’s largest manufacturers due to downtime

2-5 X

Reactive vs Proactive​

Reactive maintenance is more expensive than proactive


Redundant failures

Downtime caused by common, recurring failures​

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  • Rotating equipment

  • Static equipment

  • Maintenance and repair services

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Maintenance solutions

LOCTITE® on-site maintenance reliability workshops include seminars, courses, and other types of training. These workshops benefit both seasoned MRO teams as well as new employees, helping to identify the right products for each maintenance process and sharing proactive maintenance best practices.

Industrial Settings

Maximize productivity and uptime

Consistent uptime is a goal in most manufacturing and processing industries like Oil & Gas and Power Generation. Harsh manufacturing environments create operational and reliability challenges. LOCTITE sealants, putties, threadlockers, and bonding compounds help deliver more reliable uptime and optimize productivity.

Reduce maintenance costs

Maintenance comprises 4.5 - 7.5% of annual operating costs. Reactive maintenance can quickly escalate those costs. Instead, a proactive approach helps to identify potential issues and repair them at the time of total lowest cost, reducing maintenance costs and bolstering health and safety.

Industrial Settings
Smartflange Loctite Pulse

Listen to your equipment's heartbeat

Your plant’s reliability depends on continuously capturing data on asset health. LOCTITE Pulse is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution designed to do just that.

Once the LOCTITE Pulse sensors are installed on your critical equipment, they continuously capture data and provide valuable insights about its heath status.


Mining plant

Mines & Quarries

Effective maintenance of mining equipment is vital in the challenging conditions of mines and quarries. With proven performance and user-friendly applications, LOCTITE solutions lead to enhanced uptime and efficiency in your operations. Henkel maintenance solutions cover conveyor belts, rubber liners, crushers, chutes, ball mills, and pipes/ducts/elbows. Implementing our repair solutions doesn't demand specialized skills or equipment and can be handled by your in-house maintenance teams.

Oil & Gas Refineries

The harsh operating environments in Oil & Gas refineries create continuous maintenance challenges through the plant.  Many of these challenges can be effectively addressed by Henkel's LOCTITE solutions, resulting in reduced downtime, enhanced safety, and lower costs. Our maintenance solutions encompass materials for static equipment, such as pipe, heat exchangers, tanks and infrastructure components, and rotating equipment, such as pumps, gearboxes, and more.

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Power Plant Resize

Power Generation Plants

Consistent uptime is critical in power generation plants – Henkel helps you maximize production with LOCTITE products backed by more than 70 years of experience in the power generation industry, trusted within conventional thermal, renewables, and nuclear spaces. Our power plant maintenance solutions are widely used and trusted in turbine and boiler maintenance, and material handling.

Steel & Metals

With over 70 years of expertise and know-how, Henkel has the right solutions to reduce maintenance costs and save energy in steel plants. Designed to prevent common failures, extend equipment life, and increase production reliability, the LOCTITE product range is a maintenance professional’s most valuable tool. Our maintenance repair solutions for steel and metal can be utilized within sinter plants, blast furnaces, steel rolling, and more. Henkel provides on-site technical support and high-quality LOCTITE products designed to eliminate redundant failures.

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