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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Rotating equipment

Failure and unscheduled repairs of rotating equipment can lead to expensive delays in virtually every industry, including oil and gas refineries, power generation plants, mines, and steel/metal manufacturing. Vibration, impact and thermal expansion and contraction can create looseness and premature failures. That is why it is crucial to proactively potential issues with mechanical components to prevent issues before they happen and to extend the life of rotating equipment.

Centrifugal pump and motor

At a glance

2-5 X

Reactive vs Proactive​

Reactive maintenance is more expensive than proactive.


of lifetime pump costs

Are based on​ maintenance, repair,​ and energy.


of skilled trades

Plan to retire in ​next 5-10 years within​ oil and gas.

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shaft centrifugal pump

Maintaining shaft alignment

For rotating equipment, shaft misalignment is a common and recurring source of ​maintenance issues. Proactively addressing one of the leading root causes of ​shaft misalignment can dramatically improve equipment performance.


Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump


Pumps and motors are the heart of industrial operations. Breakdowns can be costly. Proactive solutions help eliminate loosening, prevent leaks, reduce corrosion, and rebuild worn elements to optimize pump maintenance and repair and keep your operation running efficiently.

Closeup of forged metal gears inside a vehicle gearbox


Gearboxes are used in the refinery and petrochemical industries. Delays or malfunctions can lead to expensive consequences. Using high-quality, reliable products-to seal, protect, and rebuild--helps mitigate unnecessary downtime.

Two Centrifuges Henkel


Multiple solutions exist to help simplify routine maintenance and repair centrifuges. Threadlockers, retaining compounds, coatings, and others help increase the performance and efficiency of centrifuges while improving the working life of components.

Fans and Blowers

Fans and blowers

Corrosion, wear, misalignment, and imbalance cause a wide range of problems with fans and blowers. Solutions help maintain shaft alignment and protect fan and blower impellers and housings from wear and the buildup of dust.

Conveyor belt

Conveyor systems

Vibrations and dynamic loads can cause loosening in conveyor systems. Solutions prevent loosening, retain alignment and protect belts and conveyor discharge chutes.​

Engines and turbines

Engines and turbines

Engines and turbines are the drivers of modern machinery. Keeping the motor in place and aligned while sealing the motor housing against foreign particles and moisture help preserve the motor performance.

Industrial compressor refrigeration station in production facility


Reliable seals in compressor fittings prevent leaks and keep processes running smoothly to avoid unnecessary downtime. Thread sealants reliably and effectively seal pipes to prevent any leakage of gases and liquids in high and low-pressure applications.


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