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Empower your plant maintenance teams. Our maintenance engineers identify process issues and provide maintenance assistance and training to better equip your maintenance staff. Solutions help save maintenance time and dollars, reduce energy costs, and improve safety.

Refinery plant equipment for pipe line oil and gas valves at gas plant pressure safety valve selective.

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$47 M

per year

Business cost due to lack of​ knowledge transfer (time,​ missed opportunities, ​delayed projects).


of manufacturers

Are facing a substantial​ shortage of people  with the right skill set.

56 yrs

Average age

Of skilled workers in​ manufacturing, the ​major source of skill loss.

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90 minutes can save you hours of downtime

Manufacturing's high retirement rates and recruitment challenges create skill gaps. As a ​result, 70% of downtime issues stem from a lack of awareness about asset maintenance requirements. Henkel training workshops address these challenges, helping manufacturers​ generate measurable results.


Plant surveys.

Plant surveys

Henkel’s plant surveys include a maintenance reliability analysis that helps uncover plant challenges such as shaft misalignment, vibrational loosening, and leaks. Surveys help identify ways to improve maintenance processes and prevent downtime.

Loctite Services training in a plant.

Maintenance reliability workshops

On-site maintenance reliability workshops can benefit both seasoned MRO teams and new employees. Workshops help identify the right products for maintenance processes and share expert knowledge of proactive maintenance best practices.

Henkel certified applicator training

Henkel’s Certified Applicator designation demonstrates that a maintenance service provider meets the highest standards and knowledge of MRO protective coatings. Contact a member of our team to find how to become part of our Henkel Certified Applicator network.


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