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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Static equipment

Static equipment is used across all industries, including mines and quarries, oil and gas refineries, power generation plants, and steel and metal manufacturing. These plants need to function reliably for all systems to operate smoothly and safely. Proper and proactive maintenance and repairs can prevent costly delays and hazardous working conditions while enabling safer, more efficient operations.

Petrochemical industry

At a glance


of revenue

In heavy industry is ​“spent” on downtime.


hours of downtime/year

Or 15 hours/week per manufacturer, due to maintenance, equipment breaks, and adjustments.


of maintenance teams

​Struggle with hiring, ​onboarding and ​retaining people.

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Wear causes downtime. We keep you running.

Demanding industries like power generation, mining, and metal manufacturing are tough on equipment. These industries power our world, so preventing downtime from wear and tear is vital. Here is how Henkel keeps critical equipment running.


Smart Flange Loctite Pulse


After welding, flanges are the second most used joining method in industrial operations, enabling connections to be dismantled when required. Henkel’s range of flange sealants and gasketing products help protect against leaks.

Wear Prevention Surface Repair - Hopper

Screens, chutes, and hoppers

Preventing and protecting screens, filters and other equipment against external chemical attacks will lengthen their working
 time. Protective coatings prevent against chemical corrosion and abrasion.

Anti-Slip Coating

Metal & concrete infrastructure

Henkel has a wide range of LOCTITE® solutions to protect metal and concrete infrastructures against harsh industrial environments. LOCTITE® solutions protect and restore infrastructures caused by corrosion, erosion, and also help to reduce the risks of slips and falls causes by wet surfaces.

Industrial Valves

Pipe work and valves

Preventing valve and pipe work repairs reduces unplanned downtimes. A common issue is pipe leaks which can create hazardous conditions. Along with routine inspections, LOCTITE® broad range of pipe work and valve products help prevent and repair leaks.

Refinery Tanks

Storage tanks, drums, and pressure valves

Corrosion is a big challenge with storage tanks, drums, and pressure vessels. Protective coatings can prevent rust and other corrosive materials from damaging the metal surfaces of tanks, drums, pipes, and pressure vessels, while reinforcing against abrasion and wear.

Worker checking the temperature

Heat exchangers

Heat exchanger issues can cause unscheduled interruptions and costly heat exchanger repairs. Some issues can be easily prevented with easy-to apply, highly effective coatings that offer high corrosion protection and high temperature resistance to improve efficiency and prolong equipment life.


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