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Wear prevention solutions

In demanding industries like mining, power generation, and steel manufacturing, heavy-duty equipment typically puts a strain on machinery. LOCTITE® wear prevention coatings offer exceptional abrasion and impact resistance, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> PC  7332 next to a mining chute
LOCTITE PC 7332 being applied vertically to a simulated wall.

Find wear prevention coatings

Explore our versatile products, designed to address wear, impact, and corrosion in diverse industrial applications like mining, power generation, and steel manufacturing. Visit our e-Catalog to discover the wide variety of LOCTITE® wear prevention coatings available.


The equipment life

Extends the life of critical equipment up to 3x vs. competitors' products.

3 hours

Back in service time

Products that get you back up and running in as short as 3 hours.


Solid formulas

Solid formulas that won’t crack, sag, or shrink.

Don't let wear

wear you down
In demanding industries like mining, power generation, cement, and steel manufacturing, equipment durability is crucial. Preventing downtime is essential. LOCTITE® wear protection coatings offer exceptional abrasion and impact resistance, keeping critical equipment operational. Watch the video for more details.
A big chute as a part of a quarry

Wear causes downtime

Protecting industrial equipment like pumps, chutes, and ducts is crucial in the harsh environments experienced in power generation, steel manufacturing, mining, and other process industries. Industrial parts are often worn out by abrasion, erosion, chemical attack, corrosion, and mechanical damage. Parts that aren’t protected properly can decrease efficiency, reduce Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), and require more frequent repair or replacement. 

Over time, the cumulative effects of machinery wear can lead to significant downtime. While individual instances of time between failure issues may only result in brief periods of downtime, the frequent occurrence of such problems can add up, causing prolonged periods of lost productivity.

LOCTITE® keeps you running

LOCTITE® wear prevention coatings address and resolve these issues. They safeguard, restore, and mend equipment exposed to challenging conditions such as impacts from large particles, rolling, sliding, or high-wear areas in wet slurry processing. By protecting your equipment, these products minimize frequent shutdowns and expensive repairs and extend its operational lifespan.

These solutions have been a proven high-quality and cost-effective solution for machinery and equipment repair and maintenance across many industries.

LOCTITE® wear prevention coatings are easily applied on surfaces of all sizes, don't require specialized labor or hazardous hot work like traditional methods, and offer the extra benefit of corrosion protection.

Maintenance mangers walking through a quarry with LOCTITE Wear Prevention products sitting out.

LOCTITE® vs. alternatives

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LOCTITE® vs. other products—cure speed

LOCTITE® wear prevention has fast-curing impact resistance, in just 4 hours.

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LOCTITE® vs. bare steel—impact resistance

LOCTITE® wear prevention has fast-curing impact resistance, in just 4 hours.

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LOCTITE® vs. other products—slurry abrasion

LOCTITE® resists slurry abrasion 3x longer than other products.

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LOCTITE® vs. other products—sag resistance

LOCTITE® comes in an easy-to-use kit that is easy to apply and has no sagging.

Benefits of LOCTITE® wear prevention solutions

Prevent damage from wear

Protect parts against abrasion, erosion, chemical attack, and corrosion.

Reduce unexpected downtime

Wear can cause catastrophic equipment failure, leading to unscheduled shutdowns.

Extend equipment life

Continuous wear can require more frequent replacement of parts, increasing costs.

Increase efficiency

Damage from wear can cause product loss and increased energy usage.

Easy to apply

No skilled labor required, leading to faster and less costly repairs.

Eliminates hot work

Alternative methods such as welding, can cause health and safety concerns.

Choosing the right wear prevention coating

From abrasion and corrosion protection to wear resistant coatings for steel, LOCTITE® offers a full suite of products to fight wear and reduce downtime for the most demanding industries.

Explore all our LOCTITE® wear prevention coatings products and find the one that is right for your application.

An assortment of LOCTITE Wear Protection Coatings products in a quarry enviorment.
LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> Wear Prevention coatings prevent damage from fine particle wet and dry sliding erosion and abrasion.

Abrasion resistance

LOCTITE® wear prevention coatings for abrasion resistance protect, rebuild, and repair high-wear areas. LOCTITE® PC 7332 is a silicon-carbide-based 2K epoxy that offers better abrasion resistance than aluminum-oxide-based epoxies.

LOCTITE® PC 7332 is easy to apply and won’t sag on vertical surfaces. Its functional cure time is only 6 hours, reducing downtime.

LOCTITE<sup>®</sup> wear prevention coatings prevent damage from heavy particles having impact on machines.

Impact resistance

LOCTITE® wear prevention coatings with impact resistance help to prolong equipment lifespan. LOCTITE® PC 9593 offers a rapid functional cure time of 4 hours, enabling faster repairs and reduced downtime. It is specifically designed to safeguard, restore, and repair equipment exposed to impacts from dropping, rolling, and sliding of large particles. Its superior impact resistance surpasses competing products in the market.

An example of how corrosion and erosion can cause errors in industrial machinery.

Corrosion & erosion resistance

LOCTITE® wear prevention for corrosion & erosion resistance is designed to protect equipment against extreme chemical attack and corrosion under typical dry service temperatures up to 150◦F. 

LOCTITE® PC 7227 is an ultra-smooth brushable epoxy resin system that offers protection against turbulence, chemical attack, abrasion, and corrosion.


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