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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Wear resistant coatings


This 2-part, ceramic-filled, brushable, ultra-smooth epoxy surface coating with self-levelling properties protects against fine particle abrasion.

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LOCTITE® PC 7228 is a 2-part, white, ceramic-filled, brushable, self-levelling epoxy surface coating that creates a high gloss, low friction surface. It protects against fine particle abrasion and corrosion under dry service temperatures from -22 to 200°F (-30 to +93°C). It also works well as a top coat over LOCTITE® wearing compounds for applications requiring surface rebuilding and lasting protection.

Typical applications include repairing heat exchangers and condensers, lining tanks and chutes, resurfacing and repairing rudders and pintel housings, and repairing cooling pump impellers and butterfly valves.



Drying time:

55.0 hr.

Mix ratio, by volume:

2.8 : 1

Particle size:


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