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Electronics protection simplicity

Explore the podcast as Jochen Schilling explains how simplified electronics protection solution is shaping device resilience.

Jochen Schilling
Lead Application Engineer

13 min.

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In this episode, we explore how low-pressure molding enhances device resilience. In industrial device manufacturing, simplicity prevails in protecting electronic components. This three-step encapsulation technique uses specialized polyamide hot melt materials and custom molds, offering superior protection in sectors like industrial automation, automotive, medical, and lighting without high pressure. Discover its impact on device durability and efficiency.

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Jochen Schilling
Lead Application Engineer

Jochen brings over two decades of invaluable experience working as project engineer and technical customer service. For more than 10 years in the automotive industry, he supported development of materials for acoustical and structural parts, where he focused on enhancing product quality and performance. Currently serving as an application engineer for hotmelt technology and low-pressure molding applications within the Industrials business unit of Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Jochen is dedicated to supporting global and regional key accounts. In his role, he oversees segments such as cable & components and general manufacturing, where his deep understanding of materials and processes allows him to provide innovative solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. Passionate about customer satisfaction, Jochen is committed to engaging early in the design phase to ensure maximum value from material solutions and processes. His proactive approach and dedication to excellence make him a trusted partner for clients seeking optimal performance and efficiency in industrial and electronics manufacturing.

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