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The value of retaining compounds

Explore the podcast as Robert Dumkel explains the crucial role of retaining compounds in both machinery repair and manufacturing processes.

Robert Dunkel
Sr. Principal Application Engineer

9 min.

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In this episode, we talk to our expert about the crucial role of retaining compounds in both machinery repair and manufacturing processes. While these adhesives are well-established in the machinery repair market, their potential in standard assembly materials for manufacturing is often overlooked. We explore how retaining compounds enhance the assembly of cylindrical parts, such as bearings, bushings, gears, and rotors, onto housings or shafts. We also discuss their ability to address surface irregularities, prevent issues like fretting corrosion and oxidation, and distribute stress more uniformly, ultimately increasing reliability and revenue in both maintenance and initial product assembly processes.

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Robert Dunkel
Sr. Principal Application Engineer
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Robert Dunkel is a licensed professional engineer and is currently a senior principal application engineer for the Industrials business unit of Henkel Adhesive Technologies. Over 30 years of experience with multiple product lines and technologies exposed Robert to various adhesive system types and applications. In his previous role as global lead for customer technical call centers operating in the Americas and China, he was the primary decision-maker for customers’ most challenging applications. This valuable experience helped him become a champion of the company’s knowledge management systems to ensure long-term organizational sustainability. In his free time, Robert is passionate about repairing things using adhesives to deepen his understanding of bonding solutions and the natural boundaries of technology. Based in Canada, Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing engineering from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario).

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