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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Collaborate to innovate

The healthcare industry is due for a checkup. With challenges like labor shortages, resource consolidation, and systemic equity, healthcare customers turn to Henkel to collaborate on innovative solutions that brings better patient experiences and outcomes. Henkel has over 50 years’ experience navigating healthcare regulations. Let’s think big and act fast to give healthcare a positive prognosis. 

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At a glance


Projected value

Of the medical market in 2023.1



In US hospital expenditures from 2020 - 2022.2


Home health investments

Over 30 health systems invested $2.5 billion in home health in 2022.3

Explore our Medical solutions

  • Medical disposables

  • Medical equipment

  • Medical filtration

  • Medical wearables

Tailor-fit solutions that scale

Henkel’s innovative formulations for healthcare fit customers' new application needs and ever-changing regulations. Once an application is successful, Henkel helps customers scale quickly through rapid turnaround—from product/resin inception to delivery.

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Clearing the path to production

Henkel resins are validated for use in approved workflows, which enable customers to achieve consistent results in production while meeting relevant biocompatibility specifications. Henkel can de-risk the path for customers to launch new products in the healthcare market by developing products and validating workflows to assure regulatory compliance.

Strength. Safety. Consistency.

From the assembly line to sensors and diagnostic equipment, Henkel formulas are strong enough for device applications and safe enough for patient wearables. Henkel’s 3D Printing Certification also ensures uniformity in design, production, and delivery of medical devices. The Henkel quality system helps companies reduce risk by validating that their products, and materials used in making them, are consistent and safe.

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Growing the healthcare ecosystem

On 15th November 2022, Henkel welcomed over 60 MedTech thought leaders to its new state-of-the-art Inspiration Center Düsseldorf. The event, “Growing the Healthcare Ecosystem”, included brainstorms on how to reduce CO2 emissions across industries.


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