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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Medical equipment

With an increase of in-home patient care, the move from hospitals to imaging centers, increased material regulations, and the need for safer, less invasive medical devices, there is a growing need to streamline operations and increase product reliability and safety. Henkel’s range of high-quality adhesives and materials for medical devices are engineered to be reliable, cost-effective, and compatible with common sterilization methods.

At a glance


Increase per year

Global amount of MRI machine production for the next decade. 1


MedTech employees

Over half a million people are employed by medical technology companies in the U.S.2


Equipment lifetime

This is the minimum expected lifetime of medical electrical equipment.3

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A big help in going small

With the growing popularity of wearable technology, healthcare professionals are seeking smaller, more portable medical devices—that retain functionality and reliability. Henkel adhesives play a crucial role in making this possible in a cost-effective way.

Flowchart medical device design from idea to research prototyping proof of concept testing regulatory and commercialization


This is the 3D graphic of scalper.

Respirators, prosthetics, surgical tools, and endoscopes 

Medical device adhesives offer reliable, fast-curing assembly solutions for a wide range of disposable and non-disposable devices including surgical tools and prosthetics. They enable high-speed production and in-line control on products that meet healthcare regulations (ISO 10993 tested).

this is an image of an mri scanner


Henkel’s broad portfolio of high-performance solutions helps imaging manufacturers overcome many challenges. Our technologies are used for the assembly of key components in thermal resistance and management, dissimilar substrates, and robust strength requirements.

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