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Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Henkel offers filter manufacturers advanced filtration potting technology to improve the manufacturing process and uplevel innovation. With intimate processing technology expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, our experts can help find ways to reduce adhesive consumption while improving filter efficiency for dialyzers and oxygenators. And we have the global customer base, production footprint, and test data to back up our recommendations.

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At a glance


Of revenue

Increasing R&D spending has fueled demand for filtration due to product introductions.1


Global filtration market

By 2028, this is the expected market value for global pharmaceutical filtration.2


Dialyzer market

This is the projected dialyzer market value by 2026.3

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Filtration kidneys can count on

Advanced chronic kidney disease requires regular dialysis treatments. In support of patients and dialysis facilities around the world, Henkel commits its resources and laboratories to keep innovating better solutions.

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Dialyzers, oxygenators, and filters

With extensive knowledge and experience with centrifugal potting processes and capabilities, Henkel’s dialyzer solution portfolio includes customized products for specific application needs such as low viscosity for optimal fiber bundle penetration, high adhesion to plastic housings, and more.

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Hollow fiber potting

The need to ensure reliable performance for medical filtration hollow fiber potting will continue to increase due to aging populations and improved access to medical care, especially in developing countries. Henkel develops customized solutions and optimized processes to help.

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Reservoirs and enclosures

Whether you’re producing large fluid storage reservoirs or small high-performance fluid monitoring devices, Henkel’s medical device adhesives provide structural bonds with superior gap filling and reliable sealing in combination with increased productivity.

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