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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Medical disposables

When it comes to medical disposables, it’s always “safety first.” That’s why Henkel’s medical device-grade products—medications, tapes, bandages, and other supplies—are safe for skin and provide trouble-free performance. As a global leader in the supply of drug delivery polymers, we have unmatched technical expertise in both cosmetics and transdermal adhesives supported by in-house resources. In addition, our dermatology experts work to ensure skin compatibility across our range of products.

This is an image showing medical syringes and needles

At a glance


PPE market

The expected growth of the medical personal protective equipment market from 2021 to 2026.1


Consumables growth

Is the estimated growth rate for the consumables market from 2021 to 2028.2

1 IN 31

Patients has a healthcare assosicated infection

Over 3% are infected while being treated in a medical facility on any given day.3

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Giving production a shot in the arm

With billions of injections administered globally every year, over 150 billion needles and syringes need to be assembled quickly and reliably. Henkel’s innovative adhesive processes help meet the growing production demands of the healthcare industry, to optimize performance of all medical devices.

Venous blood is drawn for testing

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Needles and syringes 

For nearly 50 years, medical device manufacturers around the world have utilized LOCTITE® adhesives for trillions of needles and syringes. These adhesives bond cannulas to hubs in needle assemblies, and they’re essential to avoid leaks. 

This is 3D graphics of catheters and tubes.

Catheters, tubes, and connectors

Flexibly built and designed tubes mean better care for patients and easier administration for healthcare professionals.​ Robust assembly using LOCTITE® adhesives and secure placement of catheters and IV sets is key for efficient and successful delivery of lifesaving medical treatments.

This is a picture of a ostomy bag

Ostomy care

Reliable, high-performance, and pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions are vital for colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy products.​ Ostomy care adhesive products are designed to firmly attach to the skin, offering strong protection without irritation.

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Gels and foams

Medical adhesive gels and foams are ideal for dressing wounds since they’re breathable and highly absorbent, while providing cushioning and a barrier against bacteria. They provide good adhesion, are painless to remove, and protect against irritation.

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Bandages and medical pressure sensitive adhesives

Henkel has a variety of technologies and expansive portfolio that meet both coating and end use requirements. Our PSAs are safe, high quality medical–grade and leverage a variety of technologies to support customized, tailorable product development. 

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Drug delivery polymers

From nicotine to hormones to pain relief Henkel has over 25 chemistries and 50 unique commercial medical patches available across the globe that offer medical-grade, skin-safe quality and high performance. Henkel’s acrylic adhesives provide desirables solubility and release for a wide range of drugs, skin-friendly and long-wear properties. 

This is a image of medical protective wear.

Medical protective wear

Keeping people safe is the primary goal of medical protective wear. Henkel adhesives are a key component, creating the layers or seams that assure safety in masks, respiratory protection, gowns, and surgical drapes.

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