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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


High reliability materials for medical electronic devices

Henkel materials enable reliable medical electronics, from sensors to wearables. Conductive inks facilitate diagnostics. Soft adhesives bond comfortably. Protective coatings guard circuitry. Expertise empowers next-gen healthcare.

This is the front cover for the medical electronic devices brochure

Henkel's brochure showcases specialized materials that enable miniaturized, intelligent medical electronics from implants to wearables. Leveraging deep expertise, the company develops adhesives and coatings that maintain biocompatibility while safeguarding delicate components undergoing sterilization. Henkel also provides optimized conductive products allowing precise printing or dispensing of circuits and antennas. By ensuring electrical functionality, protection, and biostability, Henkel solutions advance the performance and capabilities of cutting-edge medical devices.

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