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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

White papers

  • An example of corrosion wear in industrial equipment.

    Introducing LOCTITE® PC 7332™ for protection against higher intensities of wear

  • A group of LOCTITE® instant component bonders on an assembly line.

    How to improve occupational health and safety with LOCTITE® instant adhesives

  • Gap filler dispensing

    How can thermally conductive liquid materials help for electronics packaging

  • Technician places heat sink on thermally conductive adhesive

    How does fracture toughness work with thermally conductive adhesives?

  • This is an image of a network cable with fiber optical background

    The 2023 data center pulse report

  • An image of an ice block over a printed circuit board

    The heat is on

  • This is an image of a futuristic circuit board like a city at night

    Look small to go big

  • In the foreground a red tube of LOCTITE 518 is applying liquid gasket to a flange.

    Intro­du­cing the next generation upgrade of LOCTITE 518

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