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How LOCTITE® keeps glass blown sculptures intact

Glass artists spend lots of strenuous hours completing their sculptures. The final step is assembling the fragile pieces together. Weighing hundreds of pounds, Martin Blank continues to rely on LOCTITE® adhesive to keep the magnificent art together.

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Image sowing Loctite AA H8003 product on a table.


The beautiful, large sculptures of Martin Blank are impossible to be created out of one piece of blown glass. This is where LOCTITE® adhesive comes into play! There are many challenges to consider when bonding these fragile pieces together. On top of weighing hundreds of pounds, the glass structures are displayed in public with stresses of people, wind load, gravity and more. LOCTITE® is the trusted brand that combats these challenges.


Imagine the risk involved with keeping the glass structures together! Artists take days, weeks, and months to create the intricate masterpieces they envisioned. And then the sculpture is placed in public, where if it is not properly held together it could fall and shatter, risking many people getting injured.

Martin Blank is known for his figurative sculptures and architectural glass installations. His work can be found around the world in museums, prestigious corporate lobbies, as well as in public installations in prominent spaces. Due to the wide variety of work, there are many applications seen at Martin Blank.

The bonds consist of glass to glass, glass to metal, and metal to metal. This requires multiple LOCTITE® chemistries to be used to ensure maximum strength. Epoxies, methylmethacrylate (MMA), and more are the backbone of Martin Blank.

The LOCTITE® technical sales engineer introduced LOCTITE AA H8003, an MMA, to test the bond of blown-glass pieces to their metal fixture. The staff at Martin Blank was astonished at how strong this bond was. Starting as a liquid, LOCTITE® adhesive cures to hold up to hundreds of pounds of glass blown art together. Time and time again, LOCTITE® is the trusted partner of Martin Blank. Without LOCTITE® adhesive, the final vision of the sculpture would not be possible.

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