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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


  • LOCTITE® threadlocker masterclass showcasing how to reduce unplanned downtime

    LOCTITE® threadlocker masterclass: 15 minutes closer to machine reliability

  • LOCTITE® instant component bonding masterclass shows you how to simplify your assembly.

    LOCTITE® instant component bonding masterclass: 15 minutes closer to simplifying your assembly

  • LOCTITE® wear prevention masterclass showcasing how to reduce unplanned downtime.

    LOCTITE® wear prevention masterclass: 15 minutes closer to zero downtime

  • LOCTITE masterclass on improving reliability with retaining compounds.

    LOCTITE® retaining compound masterclass: 15 minutes for improved machine reliability

  • High speed train rides at high speed at the railway station in the city

    Expert talks: railway solutions by Henkel adhesive technologies

  • Electric passenger train drives at high speed departs from the platform

    Expert talks: solutions for aviation and rail interiors

  • Diagonal composition of a fast train driving on a double railroad track amongst trees.

    Expert talks: sustainability solutions for aviation, space and rail

  • 3D rendered illustration of drone flying in the sky and delivering a package at sunset.

    Expert talks: urban air mobility

  • Airplane radar assembly film teardown

    Expert talks: assembly film adhesive solutions for electronic applications

  • Illustration of satellite orbiting earth with stars in a black background and a beam of sunlight shining on it

    Expert talks: space market

  • Yellow passenger drone flying over cars in heavy traffic jam.

    Leveraging technical insights from automotive e-mobility for the future of flying cars

  • The image of 3d earth, stars and satellite.

    Expert talks: thermal management assemblies technical webinar