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Thermal GAP PAD Materials


High-conformable gap pad combining thermal dissipation and EMI absorption

This thermally conductive, silicone-based, fiberglass reinforced, highly conformable gap pad filler provides EMI attenuation at frequencies of 1GHz and higher.

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Part no. (SKU/IDH) 2195032
BERGQUIST® GAP PAD® TGP EMI1000, 8″x16″ dimension, 0.080″ thickness

Thickness Please make your selection 0.080″



BERGQUIST® GAP PAD TGP EMI1000 is a highly conformable, fiberglass reinforced, combination gap filling material. It offers both thermal conductivity performance and electromagnetic energy absorption (cavity resonances and/or cross-talk causing electromagnetic interference) at frequencies of 1GHz and higher. You can expect EMI attenuation and 1.0 W/m-K thermal conductivity performance with low assembly stress, and the soft nature of the material enhances wet-out at the interface, resulting in better thermal performance than harder materials with a similar performance rating. It has an inherent, natural tack on one side of the material for improved handling and no more thermally-impeding adhesive layers. The other side is tack-free, enhancing handling and rework when you need it. It’s supplied with a protective liner on the material’s tacky side. 




2.4 g/cm³

Dielectric breakdown voltage:

1700.0 Vac

Dielectric constant, @ 1kHz:


Flame rating:


Heat capacity, ASTM E1269:

1.3 J/g-K

Operating temperature:

-60.0 °C - 200.0 °C

Shore hardness, Thirty second delay value, ASTM D2240, Bulk Rubber, Shore 00:


Standard thickness:

0.508 mm - 3.175 mm

Thermal conductivity:

1.0 W/mK

Volume resistivity:

1×10 Ohm m

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