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Thermal GAP PAD Materials


Multifunctional, high thermally-conductive gap pad for electromagnetic radiation absorption 

Multifunctional, silicone-free gap pad combining thermal conductivity and electromagnetic radiation attenuation, for silicone sensitive applications

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BERGQUIST GAP PAD TGP EMI 4000 is the first silicone-free EMI radiation absorbing gap pad, designed for silicone sensitive applications. It’s highly conformable and electrical isolating and comprises superior thermal conductivity and EM absorption up to 77 GHz. The soft nature of the material enables low assembly stress and enhances wet-out at the interface, meaning you can expect better thermal performance than harder materials with a similar performance rating. Moreover, the low bleed formula prevents gap instability and loss in functionality over time. The natural tack on both sides of the material eliminates the need for adhesive layers, and allows improved handling during placement and assembly.  

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