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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Sports and fashion

Sustainable by design

Henkel’s leading edge bonding solutions have opened doors to fresh ideas and inventive designs, allowing innovative minds in sports & fashion to breathe life into their ambitions to protect the planet and keep its people in style. They’re not only lightening the industry's carbon footprint but also paving the way for safer, more humane working conditions. Henkel ensures 360o responsible sustainability across every point in the product lifecycle, from design to manufacturing to end of life.

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At a glance


Global apparel market 


As of 2023, the global apparel market is nearing 2 trillion dollars.
*Source: Statista Global apparel market - statistics & facts


Expected footwear market 


The global footwear market is expected to reach this number by 2032.
*Source: Allied market research Footwear Market Research, 2032




Existing textile recycling technologies could drive 80% circularity in fashion by 2025.
*Source: Global fashion agenda

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Achieving sustainability goals in style

Henkel is committed to enhancing the on-body consumer experience in the fashion category and expanding the horizons of sustainable footwear. We help enable a process in which creative minds can freely experiment with the latest materials and designs while knowing they have the support of a fashion-minded adhesives partner ready to ‘make it happen.

Protecting your factory workforce

Henkel constantly strives to protect the well-being of your workforce, especially in manual industries such as shoe manufacturing. We do this not only by eliminating harmful solvents but also by helping elevate both the safety & performance of machinery via a data-fuelled mobile application supported by the Henkel team.

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Lowering costs and emissions

By enabling ever greater levels of automation and analytics at every stage of the manufacturing process, Henkel improves productivity while minimizing environmental impact by removing wastage. A technology-powered application process enables Henkel to generate rich data that ensures the entire process is fully accountable to the emissions it generates.

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Seamless Sewing

Henkel’s non-sewing fabric bonding technology is gradually replacing traditional manual sewing processes. Our textile adhesive solutions meet your comfort and aesthetic requirements while ensuring durability and functionality at the same time.


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