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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Sustainable adhesive solutions for textile industry to free your styles and designs

Henkel innovative portfolio for non-sewing technology.
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Non-sewing technology, with the advantage of high production efficiency, multiple base material options, has become a leading trend in the textile industry. At Henkel, we continuously work on broadening our portfolio of innovative, sustainable, and unique adhesive solutions, which can be widely applied in the production of intimates, sportswear, outdoor apparel, and more. This technology is on its way up not only because of its advantages in production, but it also gives the consumers the choice of freer designs. We want to support the industry to not just meet consumer expectations but to proactively set ever higher standards, while also enabling new designs and better wearing experiences to perfectly express style without compromising.

Get to know our sustainable non-sewing portfolio for fashion industry

As a sustainability advocate, we are constantly working on the development of environmentally friendly adhesives for textile production to enable an even faster evolution of the industry towards greener products and processes. LOCTITE® NSP 7810 for example is made from renewable materials, with renewable content up to 35%. This means we manage to lower dependence on petroleum from the raw material side, leading to a significant reduction of carbon footprint in the whole production process.

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In addition, the new product shows excellent green strength and yellowing resistance, ensuring precise positioning, aesthetics, and durability. It can also be dispensed at lower temperatures, which helps to save more energy. Apparel made from this renewable adhesive can withstand 90 ℃ washing water without delamination, and maintains a soft touch and high elasticity, enabling sports fans to perform comfortably and freely.

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Our non-sewing adhesives have very favorable properties perfectly tailored for their respective use cases. LOCTITE NSP 7788 has one of the highest elasticity capabilities when cured. This allows for usage in textiles where a high level of support or shaping within the garment and for the user is needed, all while providing extreme comfort with no restraining.

LOCTITE NSP 7690 and TECHNOMELT PUR 7689 are very efficient solutions ideal for top of the line production with an open time which is down to only 30 seconds. The TECHNOMELT solutions also has longer operating time which leaves more room for Henkel customers to design their production process exactly how they need it. For diversified textile application scenarios such as urban fashion, home leisure, outdoor sports, and health care, our team has adapted solutions to accurately break down production pain points and effectively improve user experience, leading to the continuous advancement of the textile and apparel industry.

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Leading in the sustainable development of non-sewing textiles

We are very proud that our solutions have been awarded with the world-renowned Bluesign and Oeko-Tex certifications for leading the way in sustainable development and ecological supply chains in the field of compound adhesives for textiles. The certification is based on an international set of standards that look at the entire lifecycle of textile manufacturing. It aims to make the production as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible through the elimination of the use of hazardous chemicals and the release of the latter during the process. With the Bluesign certification Henkel’s production process and adhesive products are acknowledged as compliant with these Environmental, Health and Safety standards.

The health and environmentally preferable attributes of Henkel products guarantee customers green and efficient production. Various successful use cases of partners who already apply Henkel’s technology on their clothing, demonstrate the benefits of a strong collaboration between Henkel and the whole supply chain to lower the overall CO2 footprint of the production processes and the products. 

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Henkel’s innovative adhesive solutions also empower designers to bring more bolder ideas to reality than ever before. Exceptionally freer designs than what would be possible with traditional sewing architecture can be put into practice. This not only has great advantages for design, but also resembles an echo to the ‘greener fashion’ trend which has a focus on increasing the sustainability of textiles and clothing over their whole lifecycles.


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