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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Sustainability is always in style, and Henkel’s sustainable portfolio of textile adhesive solutions are designed to push boundaries in fashion manufacturing. Consumers want better wearing experiences, fashionable styles, and sustainable materials. Our innovative seamless adhesive dispensing technology can be applied in intimates, athleisure, outdoor apparel, accessories and more, guaranteeing a high-level of comfort without compromising on style.

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in ethical fashion

This is the current size of global ethical fashion market.

*Source: Globe Newswire, Research and markets


in intimate apparel

By 2030, this is the expected size of global intimate apparel market.

*Source: Globe Newswire, Global Intimate Apparel Market Size/Share Research


in accessories

This is the current size of the United States accessories market.

*Source: Statista Revenue of the accessories market worldwide by country in 2022

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Award-winning sustainability.
Henkel’s portfolio was awarded the renowned Bluesign and Oeko-Tex 100 certifications for leading the way in sustainable textile adhesive production. That includes manufacturing processes that adhere to global health and safety standards (EHS) and maintaining eco-friendly supply chains.



Two people outside wearing sports clothes and running.

Athleisure and loungewear

Athleisure and loungewear have taken the fashion world by storm, intersecting style and comfort. Leggings, bike shorts, hoodies, and more have become staples, and Henkel adhesives play a large role in their production.

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Sportswear and outdoor apparel

Henkel offers a range of adhesives and strong fabric bonding solutions for manufacturers who want to produce seamless high-quality sportswear and outdoor apparel that is comfortable, durable, and weather resistant.

Women bra.

Intimate apparel

Henkel’s seamless adhesive solutions offer designers and intimate apparel manufacturers excellent base fabric bonding and adhesion, making them suitable to meet the high elasticity requirements needed for intimate garments at lower costs.

Woman with a watch holding purse.

Leather bags

It’s not just a purse—it’s a statement. Henkel’s innovative and sustainable range of textile adhesives help accessories manufacturers create products that stand out, while transitioning from manual operations to semi-automated production.

Visual of motor boat water recreational.


Henkel provides reliable adhesives for boat lamination with strong resistance against UV, salt water, heat, and yellowing. The solutions offer excellent bond strength to PVC raft material with good brush-ability, PVC plate, and flexible coating layers.

Sports ball.

Balls and sports equipment

Henkel provides a variety of adhesive solutions for a ball lamination process, including both soccer and basketball manufacturing, which ensures better bonding performance and meets exporting standards.

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