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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

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Thermal SIL PAD Materials


Thermally conductive, tacky-both-sides, fiberglass-reinforced insulating material

Thermally conductive, fiberglass-reinforced silicone insulator pad, which performs well under clamping pressure. Perfect for high performance applications requiring electrical isolation and cut-through resistance.

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When you’re working with high performance applications where electrical isolation and cut-through resistance are paramount, try BERGQUIST® SIL PAD TSP A2000. This electrically insulating, silicone based, thermally-conductive material consists of a cured silicone elastomeric compound coated on both sides of a fiberglass reinforcement layer. It performs brilliantly under clamping pressure up to 200 psi, and is offered as 305 mm x 305 mm (12" x 12") sheets, 305 mm x 250 rolls (12" x 250 rolls) or in custom configuration on request.

Product category:

Thermal SIL PAD Materials


Carrier film thickness:

0.051 mm

Dielectric breakdown voltage:

6000.0 Vac

Dielectric constant, @ 1kHz:


Flame rating:


Operating temperature:

-60.0 °C - 180.0 °C

Phase change temperature:

60.0 °C

Shore hardness, ASTM D2240, Shore A:


Standard thickness:

0.254 mm

Thermal conductivity:

2.0 W/mK

Thermal impedance, ASTM D5470, @ 50 psi:

0.42 °C-in²/W

Volume resistivity:

1×10 Ohm m

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