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Concrete repair materials


High performance, easy to use, rapid-setting concrete repair and grouting system 

Unique, high-performance repair and grouting system ideal wherever concrete is used in the construction and roads industries. Outperforms conventional concrete repairs and also bonds to construction materials, including wood and steel. 

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For a repair system that bonds to new and old concrete, as well as most construction materials, choose LOCTITE® PC 9410. This 2-part, rapid-setting concrete repair and grouting system outperforms conventional concrete repairs and is perfect for applications with an operating range of -58°F to 2012°F (-50°C to 1100°C). Since it doesn’t use a water additive, this repair system can be applied at virtually any temperature without shrinkage and is freeze/thaw and deicing salt resistant. Perfect for repairing concrete highway walls, pot holes, airport runways, anchoring machinery, commercial refrigeration floors, loading docks, grouting bedplates and soleplates, columns and bridge decks, parking structure joints, concrete pillars, floor repairs, ramps, rail grouting, anchoring bolts and handrails. 

Application method:



Concrete Repair,Flooring & Grouting



Compressive strength, 1.0 yr.:

13000.0 psi (90.0 N/mm²)

Compressive strength, 2.0 hr.:

25000.0 psi - 3000.0 psi (17.0 N/mm² - 21.0 N/mm²)

Compressive strength, 28.0 day:

7000.0 psi - 8000.0 psi (48.0 N/mm² - 55.0 N/mm²)

Compressive strength, 3.0 day:

4000.0 psi - 6000.0 psi (28.0 N/mm² - 41.0 N/mm²)

Cure type:

Room Temperature (Ambient) Cure,Two Component Mix

Key characteristics:

Cure Speed: Rapid Cure,Freeze-Thaw Stable,Performance: High Performance,Salt Spray Resistant,Shrinkage: Non- Shrinking

Number of components:

2 Part

Physical form:


Recommended for use with:


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