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Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Furniture and interiors

Production and assembly

Furniture adhesives are a vital part of furniture production and assembly. Henkel is a leader in adhesive technology, supplying the furniture industry with cutting-edge solutions. Our adhesives can connect all current and future materials for the wide range of furniture applications. Our dedication to innovation and sustainability has made us a reliable partner for furniture manufacturers worldwide.

Furniture Henkel kitchen

At a glance


of consumers interested


In purchasing environmentally safe home furnishings if style and cost are comparable.1


of consumers


Will pay 5-10% more for home furnishings certified to be environmentally safe.2


of consumers think


That the chemicals and materials used when manufacturing furniture are important or very important to their purchase decision process.3

Sustainable, durable furniture

Process optimization, higher performance, higher mileage, and usage of renewable carbon-based raw materials – these proof points reflect the contribution of our adhesives to topics such as sustainability, resource conservation and material efficiency.

Our adhesives ensure that as many pieces of furniture as possible can be made from the most valuable raw material: wood.


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Edge banding furniture

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Advancing sustainability with Micro Emission adhesives

The furniture industry is constantly adapting to an ever-increasing demand for greater operational safety, more sustainable materials, and compliance with stricter regulations, like REACH Annex XVII. Henkel's range of Micro Emission PUR hotmelt adhesives helps furniture manufacturers improve productivity, efficiency, and safety.


Market segments

Kitchen furniture


Adhesives play an integral role in the manufacture of furniture of all types - for residential, office, and industrial settings as well as partition walls and other furniture parts. Our broad adhesive solutions cover all important applications such as decorative lamination, edge banding, profile wrapping, assembly and wood bonding.

Interior doors

Interior doors

Our comprehensive range of products cover the production of both the door leaf and the door frame. Be it postforming, softforming or profile wrapping, flat, 2D or 3D lamination, we provide the adhesives you need. Adapted to the latest machines and production processes.

Decorative panels

Decorative panels

Decorative panels for wall and ceiling decoration have a major influence on the design of our interiors. This is reflected in the variety of surfaces: from natural wood veneers to polymer substrates, almost all materials are represented. We ensure that they are bonded securely.



Multi-layer parquet flooring, modular flooring, LVT, SPC, laminate flooring, industrial flooring and ceramic floor tiles. Here too, the variety is enormous. There are also skirting profiles and materials for sound insulation. This variety requires a wide selection of adhesive technologies which we offer with our TECHNOMELT® and AQUENCE® product solutions.


Edge banding

Edge banding & sealing

Edge banding is a multifaceted application that demands accuracy and precision in adhesive application and/or pressure of the rollers. Panel material, room temperature, and workpiece temperature play important roles in edge banding. Edge sealing provides protection against moisture and steam and enables a smooth surface for subsequent wrapping.

Profile Wrapping

Profile wrapping

Wrapped profiles are used in the manufacture of furniture elements, skirting boards and interior door frames. Our adhesive solutions are designed to work with complex profiles and components that require high moisture resistance. They can be applied by nozzle or roller.

Flat Lamination

Decorative lamination

The finishing of wood-based panels plays a major role in the design of furniture, decorative panels and door panels. The variety of materials and the multitude of possible applications - such as flat, 2D or 3D lamination - require a wide selection of traditional and innovative adhesive technologies.

Carpenter working inside factory

Wood assembly

The assembly gluing of wood and other materials can be found as a process in a wide variety of forms and for a wide variety of products, e.g. for the production of solid wood panels or in the production of honeycomb panels. Wood assembly applications include edge gluing, dowel insertion, miter gluing, tongue and groove joints, and finger jointing.


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